Islam is Bad

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Watch out! This guerrilla commander, accused of trying to bring extinction to Taliban, is hiding in this city
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Islam is Bad, often shortened as Islamabad, is the national slogan cum capital city of Pakistan. It was built in 1960 B.C. by Hindus out of hatred from Islam and hence the city is named so. Today, the city is mostly populated by the descendants of those very Hindus who, ironically, had later on converted to Islam. This city is famous for its wide range of shops selling a variety of weapons from AK-47s to nuclear bombs. The headquarters of "Chaka Khan Nuclear Supermarket" is located in this city.

In 2002, Islamabad was declared as a protected area for Taliban and al-Qaida, two species whose survival is critically endangered because of massive hunting by Americans. It is said that on a sunny morning, one can easily spot Osama bin Laden, a notorious predator who was recently declared as Pakistan's national animal.

Islamabad also serves as the secret hideout of Muhammad Ali , the commander-in-chief of Pakistani Guerrilla Forces and famous for wearing a Mexican hat though he has never been to Mexico. His forces are fighting a war against the clan of Bin Laden for control over Islamabad and regularly receive aid from America.