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Islamofascism is a coin that was originally termed by Michael Savage, whom researchers believe is no more than an extravagantly large- sized mouth attached to vocal cords and a giant bag of hot air.


Islamofascism, in today's modern world, pertains to the political doctrine of Mac Al-Donalds, saying that any slab of meat that is more than 76.423% edible is not to be sold at a convenient price of more than two and a half dog turds (see lunch money.)


According to math magicians across the globe, the origin of the word Islamofascism comes from the age-old question, "Is llama fasion?", or in other words, is it fasionable to wear skin from the scrotum of a llama as a cowel? (the answer is universally accepted to be 27.) It is uknown who or what started this practice, but some believe that it could've been Ninja Confucious or Marilyn Manson. Whoever started it, it is known that anyone who did this was fed to wild packs of hogs or in some cases cucumbers.

It was at this point in time when Islamofascism became unpopular amongst the civilized world, and only popular among those desert rat arabs. Over time, the llama cowel became no more than a simple white towel, which is where we today get the term "towel head."

Towel Heads[edit]

Towelheadings, also known as an acts of terrorism, became rampant in the latter half of the 20th Century. This is probably due to an increase in movies starring Adam Sandler and other notable Jews, but most likely because they got tired of humping camels and ugly-ass chicks. Suicide bombings targeting school buses and shit in Israel has become a popular pastime for those dirty sand apes, just like that song:

The wheels on the bus go round and round, blah blah
The bomb on the bus goes boom boom boom

This is because no Islamofascist has the balls to fight hand to hand with anyone older than 12 by himself.

War on Islamofascism[edit]

The war on Islamofascism was declared by King Edward the Great in 1627 A.D.D. Since then, President Bush has sent a couple of soldiers into Iraq to stand around and get shot. This is because of a recent outbreak of the lethal mental disease, Liberalism, which is spread through anal intercourse. Because so many politicians and mediatricians (also known as those fools on the TV) have been infected by Liberalism, the capabilities of the U.S. military have been severly limited. Ironic, due to the fact that Islamofascists abhor liberals above all things and wish to cleanse the earth of them.