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The pronoun j00, created by the n00b video gamers of the world, this word is used when otherwise 1337 (leet)players defeat you in such video game. These players are usually people below the age of 25 who have no lives other than cyber sex, going out with their right hand, and X video game(s). The first known use of the word "j00" was cited in 1945 in a chat room, spoken by Harry S. Truman to Japanese prime minister Kawasaki immediately following the detonation of an atomic bomb in Hiroshima. An excerpt:

teh7rum1n470r: kikikikikikiki pwned j00 n00b!!!!!111111111111
AzN-MaStEr: gg


The word "j00" is a direct spork from the Ancient Leet "j00", a cabal alternative to "U", the more tradition form derived from the Proto-Leet "u". The word "j00" itself comes from "y00", in turn from the Proto-English "yu" (cf. English "You", Gangsta "yo" and Mandarin "yuo").

Teh j00 Work Force[edit]

Teh ('the' in layman's terms) j00 work force consist of a growing (and groping) population, at present stranded at 400 million. Not to be confused with Jews, the j00 work force do not really make much money at all, and were only killed in large numbers by Nazis in video games like Medal of Honor. j00s are sometimes very crafty, as the Jewish race tends to be, and usually ends up scamming the afk (away from keyboard) 1337er players.

Although j00s are usually n00bs, most of them are not smart enough to be h4x0rs (hackers). However, like n0bs and h4x0rs, j00 usually tend to break rules and then wallow in their own un1337n355.

Things j00 Say[edit]

Here is a list of the sayings of the various j00s of the world when they have been 0wn3d:

  • Lag.
  • Crappy team.
  • N00b!!!!111!one!!1!111!
  • Nub!! (this is characteristic of a j00 who is incapable of pronouncing, spelling, or intaking air in an efficient manner.)
  • [email protected][email protected]

The Life of a j00[edit]

Many modern day folk that have been referred to as j00 are now, or soon will be, held in asylum to protect their fragile minds from such utterly profane language. If j00 is still playing a multi-player game of some sort, j00 tends to not have any life at all, unless it means going out with other j00s to see the complete Star Wars series. Most of the time, you can find a j00 in traditional apparell, in costume of their favorite character. A j00 is required to put aside a day of rest during the Bi-Mon-VidGame-Con. Like the Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con, many at the celebration come with pockets bulging with cash to spend on plastic weaponry, DVDs, and expansion packs. It is rumored that j00 wear costumes to hide from the public eye in case a reporter should decide to attend for lack of a real story. Most j00s are also afraid to show themselves to other j00s, because they are in fact, very shy in real life having no experience talking face to face.

j00s also enjoy attempting to hack into school computers to play the game of their choice instead of learning, which is what nerds do, or goofing around, which is what normal people do.

Proper Grammatical Implementation[edit]

Usually employed as a pronoun, j00 is generally preceded by OMFG or LOL and proceeded by n00b.

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