JFK's Presidency Hoax

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December 7, 2019 at 21:55

A well known hoax, supported by Larry King, Bill O'Reilly and John Locke that claims that the Presidency of John F. Kennedy never actually happened. Those who claim the hoax to be true point to wild inconsistancies and outlandish happenings in the Presidency including Bay of Pigs, promising to put a man on the moon and the manner of his leaving office.

Alternative explanations for the JFK Presidency[edit]

Theorists claim that anyone who claims to have lived through the period of 1960-1963 is actually lying and overslept.

Ariel Sharon leaked to one of his minors that JFK wasn't a president but a straw muppet. The muppet was controlled by Jews, in an (failed) attempt to take over the USA. Within minutes after this confession, Sharon got assassinated. At least, the muppet pretending to be Sharon got assassinated.