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JTF2 is Canuckistan's Joint Task Force 2. Their mission is to destroy all forms of illicit drugs that threaten the market for BC bud. They have advanced special forces training which involves following lemmings off cliffs and then surviving.

Among the special weapons used by JTF2 is aerosol MaryJane, used to subdue opponents and mellow them out. This is delivered by chicken cannon. There have be complaints by commie-chicken-hugging bastards on the use of live chickens to fly through the air to aerially bombard future addicts with grass, and the fact that a chicken can put an eye out. To this, the JTF2 has turned the chicken cannon on the vegan pansies and doped them up good.

Currently they are in Talibanistan, dutifully destroying Flanders Fields, and passing out sample joints with BC gold.

JTF2 is headquartered in Vansterdam and enjoys going out on missions toking a reefer. Their compatriots, JTF1, handle the production of ballistic joints, used to spray weed into any that looks like a bong.

JTF2 replaced the Canadia-ian High Times Regiment. The CHTR was disbanded due to excessive munchies that caused them to give lethal wedgies and noogies to starving Somalilandsters who refused to toke with them. This lack of mellow attitude resulted in a major forced MJ smokeden retreat for teambuilding and disbursement to other United States of Canada Marijuana Brigades.