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First things first[edit]

Jackson Bollock (sometime long ago - sometime last week) is a world-famous artist. He produces his art by taking the ideas of other artists and squeezing them to the point of explosion. His artworks have been hung in famous museums like the Louvre.


Jackson Bollock was born sometime in the 1960's to a family of computer programmers. He always wished his name was "Pollock" like his cousin, Jackson Pollock. One day he found some cans of paint on the street. Inspired, he brought it to a canvas, pressed it really hard. He thought it was soup, so he took a little and drank it. He was poisoned. After he got his stomach pumped his father (Stu P. Bollock) told him that he was rather stupid. When he turned 19 he found another can on the street. He brought it to a canvas and squeezed it. Multi-coloured paint came out. He spread it around and made an art piece called "Birth of an Artist". He then founded a group which collected various art works by other artists.


Jackson Bollock has not yet died but his company went out of business quite recently but he was bailed out by a famous paint manufacturer.

What critics have said[edit]

They didn't really like him. That's why his paintings were never often hung in museums.

Return of the Bollock Foundation[edit]

The Bollock Foundation was founded by his son, "Big" (First name unknown) Bollock in 2017.

The Jackson Bollock Movie[edit]

In 2009, the Bollock Foundation released the movie "Bollock: The Life of an Artist".

“It's stupefying that this movie was rated 'R' and not 'NC-17'”

~ Roger Ebert on Bollock: The Life of an Artist

The Biography[edit]

In 2007, the book about his life was written by the Bollock Foundation. It explains everything about his life and art except how he managed to be short-listed in 2017 for the forthcoming 'Brexit-Pop exhibition at Tate Modern, London.

The Video Game[edit]

"Jackson Bollock: The Video Game!" Was a lame painting game. It was rated AO by the Esrb for "Bollocks used in an innapropriate fashion"