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Jahn Teigen was born in the Norwegian nazi capital Tønsberg in the mid 1400's AD. He (or she) started to play in the not so famous prog rock band Popol Vuh along with some Aztec indians. As the other band members were extinct, Jahn decided to take a pause from the music industry. This pause lasted until the 1970's. Then Jahn entered the Eurovision Song Contest. By then he had become so old there was nothing but a skeleton left. He (or she) is one of the founding fathers or mothers (or maybe both) of NASA (Norwegian Androgynic Silly Artists).

Among his/her most famous songs are the Norwegian classics "Mil etter mil" (Mile after mile), "Min første kjærlighet" (My first love) and Glasnost (about Norway getting its freedom from the Soviet Union). Less famous are songs about depression and mountains, in other words ordinary Norwegian life, and the Mexican national anthem. In the autumn of 2000 he had a comeback with his song remixed by DJ Bugburger "Jeg ha'kke mista troen!" (I 'aven't lost tha faith).

After his musical career was over, he went on to found the now infamous drug cartel Prima Vera.

Jahn Teigen is most famous for inventing the number 0, and more recently for dividing by it.

Rumors say that Jahn is still alive. He/she has most likely moved to Vietnam to pursue his favorite hobby - shrimp fishing.