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“Oh my giddy, who has ruined fiction, this guy stinks.”

~ William Shakespeare on James Corden

“It's The James Corden in it's natural habitat, a common animal”

~ David Attenborough on James Corden

“This Guy's bad even by my standards”

~ Rob Schneider on James Corden

“James' last name is Corden”

~ Captain Obvious on James Corden

“This Guy is bad”

~ Captain Understatement on James Corden

James Corden (born Pig And Chicken Poo) is an apparently English "comedian" and actor, he apparently does the same stuff as any other actor, pretends, his voice is weird but not as loud as Brian Blessed's.

For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the "questionable parody" of this website called Wikipedia have an article about James Corden.

Little B*tch[edit]

James Corden was born Pig And Chicken Poo to two walruses who were apparently drunk when they had him, he grew up to be the monstrosity and tell jokes that were hardly ever funny, this guy is the worst.

How Dare You Get Main Roles[edit]

he eventually did stuff with his life and got main roles on shows and movies, they're often terrible or so bad they're good or good but none of the humor comes from him, he's so bad.


Did I mention he's a singer too, I mean why is all this stuff here, I mean why do I have to do an article on this stupid guy, wanna go see how bad James can be, watch this walrus' movies.

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