James McGreevy

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James 'The Rip' McGreevy

“I don't know why you're laughing too...I'm laughing because I farted!”

~ James McGreevy on Himself


James 'The Rip' McGreevy is a relatively unknown Irish DJ & Philanthropist, he is most famous for his own dissapperance which occured in December 2006 and subsequent reappearance in November 2007. James was a late nite DJ on Irish Radio 3FM before his dissappearance. James is well liked by those that are lucky enough to know him, he is described by this friends & colleagues as the greatest man who ever lived, he has an amazing sense of humour and is a wonderful conversationalist, his one word answers, grunts & sighs led to many an interesting debate both on and off the Irish air waves.

The Early Years[edit]

James began life as most children do, he was born. From an early age it was clear James had a great sense of humour as evident in the picture shown here. James enjoyed a happy childhood, here is pictured with his brother dressed as Batman & Robin on their first ever Halloween.

Sadly the happy childhood was not to last, as the depression, famine and potato blight of the 1990's in Ireland took its toll on the families budget. Times were hard and food was scarce, but the two brothers continued to go Trick or Treating each halloween into their late 20's, sadly they never could afford new costumes and had to make due with the same costumes from 1989.