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James (upper left) with his brother Bryan (lower right). (click to enlarge)

Sixty years ago, the push to create the perfect human was both begun and realized at the hands of Swedish scientist Otto Van Wilhelm. On August 15, 1984, the spermatozoa of Over 300 Nobel Prize winners, hall of fame athletes, mathematicians, astronauts, diplomats, and other extraordinary specimens were synthesized over the course of one week into what can only be described as the zenith of human existence. With the use of the Sirius 1.6.1a Nucleotide Forge, “genetic designers" were able to remove undesirable physical and even potentially negative character traits from one selected spermatozoa, and swap any inferior genetic code with the superior genetic code from any of the male specimens. The process took an entire week of round the clock effort from Dr. Wilhelm and was finally completed on August 22, 1984.

The 7 day turnaround was pursued because after approximately one week, genetic material tends to degrade. The newly formed spermatozoa was rushed to an undisclosed fertility clinic in the Netherlands where it was joined with the egg cell of a young American woman (name withheld for security purposes) who would carry and give birth to this altered embryo. Dr. Wilhelm is quoted by his colleagues as saying "She was...the most perfect creature I have ever laid eyes on."

On May 29th 1985, the culmination of a 60 year project had come. A 9 lb baby boy was born at Dr. Wilhelm's facility without any complications. Dr. Wilhelm would later write "The child shocked us and held the attention of every doctor in an absolutely silent delivery room. He did not cry, and he did not struggle. He simply looked at each of us one by one, with a perfectly calm sapphire gaze, as if he was saying 'hello' to each of us. I swear I half expected him to speak."

When the mother of the child was told that the child had to be taken away for testing and further research, she became frantic and refused that the child be removed from her immediate presence. When the opportunity presented itself, she took the child and fled to The United States. No further record of the mother or the child existed for over 21 years.

On June 6th 2006, several patients who received blood transfusions at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, OH, died suddenly and simultaneously. The cause of death was unknown as the victims sustained trauma that had never been recorded in medical history. All of the blood transfusion recipients were recorded as becoming "extremely and miraculously symptom free" of their current ailments. The victims loved ones also reported that before their deaths, the victims had revelations and epiphanies that were so insightful that they amazed everyone who heard them. One woman said about her husband, a transfusion recipient: "It's like he had a sudden burst of intelligence that I never knew was there." The patients also experienced extreme muscle growth and shedding of body fat. In 4 of the 5 recipients, the genitals also grew in size in a dramatic fashion.

However, 12 hours after these effects had appeared, all of the patients began to "come apart at the seams." In all of the patients, the enhanced muscle mass strained their tendons and ligaments far beyond their maximum capacities and tore 75% of all connective tissue. The hearts of all 5 recipients also hemorrhaged severely to the point of ‘bursting.’ The on-call doctor told reporters "It's like they all received super powers that their bodies could not keep up with." The deaths baffled doctors and investigators alike. When the news reached Dr. Wilhelm he immediately booked a redeye flight to Cincinnati to inspect the patients. He demanded that the hospital trace the paper trail to the donor of the blood from the patients that had received it. When he was asked why to carry out such a seemingly arbitrary and unlikely search, Dr. Wilhelm only told investigators "Please hurry, he needs me."

Dr. Wilhelm's gut feelings were correct, and all 5 patients received blood from a young Cincinnati student named James Riha. His donation was almost discarded because the blood type could not be categorized.

James' mother did all she could to prevent the meeting of Dr. Wilhelm and James. But James was mortified by the connection he may have to the deaths at the hospital and desperately wanted answers. James, his mother, and Dr. Wilhelm spent the entirety of the next 24 hours speaking together at a Cincinnati coffee shop.

The word was leaked to press about a "human genetic experiment gone awry" and the world was outraged. Human rights activists picketed.....the White House. At the president's urging, Dr. Wilhelm scheduled a press conference with British and American news media to discuss the experiment on July 22 2006, and he fielded questions for over 4 hours. He was badgered and lectured for most of the "conference," about the evils of human genetic engineering and was effectively shunned by any medical organization who cared for their reputation. Dr. Wilhelm was ridiculed mercilessly and received more than 600,000 death threats at his hotel the next night. Destroyed and broken hearted, Dr. Wilhelm exiled himself away from civilization for presumably the rest of his life.

James Riha became a media circus. The 'perfect human being' is a sight that most people are not willing to miss. James Riha had his final interview on 20/20 on August 1 2006. In the interview with Kathrine Cryer, he made an announcement that dumbfounded the world - he had a brother. Dr. Wilhelm had told him that much like himself, James' brother was engineered using a similar pattern and the same mother's egg, but was carried by a surrogate mother around the same time. The difference between James and his brother was that everything negative that had been removed from James was stored into his brother’s embryo. At the sight of the child, the doctors immediately took him to solitary confinement, supposedly saying that he was “An atrocity in the eyes of God.” The surrogate mother died during birth. She was a prostitute carrying out a life sentence at Nilojoven Correctional Mental Care Facility. Dr. Wilhelm named the child "Bryan" after his abusive uncle who became demented in an alcohol fire and was executed for torturing several children to death after his disfigurement. Dr. Wilhelm had told James that if he had ever wished to see his brother that he was still alive and being monitored in another psychiatric ward. He was everything that James was not: Perfection vs. Abomination.

This is the end of the record of James Riha. Rumors exist that James, upon seeing his 'brother,' became hysterical and murdered Dr. Wilhelm and hunted down his team for bringing such a miserable wretch into existence. However, it is more widely speculated that James lives in seclusion near his brother's hospital, visiting him daily out of sorrow for his state of being.

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