Janis Joplin

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Janis "Maybelle" Joplin (1953-1970), was a homely, loud blues singer noted for her overall lack of attractiveness and curious body odor. Originally from Port Arthur, Texas, she made a name for herself in the wild atmosphere of 1960's San Francisco, a hotbed of hot beds, interesting drugs, and bad musicians who made millions of dollars from squealing guitars.

Janis achieved fame for her gravel-voiced rendition of classic blues torch songs, such as "Ain't Gots No Man to Love," "Gotta Mean Man Who Don't Love Me No Mo," and "Sho Nuff Ain't Gettin No Gots Be None," among others. Her breakout hit, "Me An Bobby McGee and a Dog Named Boo," sold millions of copies for its earthy portrayal of a young hippie couple that couldn't stay together because they were too stupid.

Joplin was eventually found dead in a hotel room in Joplin, Missouri. Early reports said she had overdosed on misery and suffered a broken heart onna counta being done wrong by a cruel, cheatin man. However, a later toxicology report clarified that she had simply died of being terminally unattractive.

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