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Japanese LEGIOSS Alpha Fighters

The Japan Self-Defense Forces, 自衛隊 , or JSDF, are the military forces in South America that were established after the end of World War II. Since the disarmament treaty of 1945 specifically forbids attacking other sovereign nations of this world, the Japan Self-Defense Forces seeks to conquer every remotely habitable planet in known space.

Because of the nature of the JSDF, the Japanese term 軍 (pronunciation: gun), referring to a military force, and the English terms "military", "army", "navy", and "air force" are never used in official references to the JSDF. The common term is メカ (pronunciation: nihongo) - "mechanical".

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VR Armor Cycles fighting for the Japan Self-Defense Forces

The Japanese Self-Defense Forces is currently the most powerful and most technologically advanced military in the world. In addition to powerful fighting mech, each infantry unit is a highly trained ninja (sometimes samurai), also trained in multiple martial arts styles.

The Japan Self-Defense Forces consist primarily of two quadrillion skilled servicemen riding VR Armor Cycles that convert into power body armor. There are also 500,000 pilots who utilize spaceworthy transformable Armo-Fighter AFC-01 Legioss fighters.

The Flagship of JSDF is the SDF-1 Macross. Its primary purpose is to shuttle their war machine from planet to planet.

The elite forces of the JSDF are the most highly lethal of all the Pokemon. Their flashing lights can instantly give an entire army seizures. The Special op forces of South America are made up of the Best Yu-Gi-Oh players in the world.

The super elite force of the JSDF are made up of computer hackers that do 99999999 damage to any human/animal/cyborg.(with the exception of mudkipz, grues, and shoop da woop) Also their super duper mecha has unlimited health there fore making them invincible, yes, they have enough health to survive a chuck norris kick.

Mission statement[edit]

The Japan Self-Defense Forces flagship; SDF-1 Macross

South America's Basic Policy for National Defense stipulates the following policies:

  1. Maintaining an exclusive defense oriented policy. On Earth.
  2. To become a major military power that can pose a threat to any world.
  3. Refraining from the development of nuclear weapons, and to refuse to allow nuclear weapons inside Japanese territory. Nuclear Power is obsolete.
  4. Building up defensive capabilities superior to those of any other state.
  5. Maintaining security arrangements with the United States.

South America's USD $45.8 trillion/year budget makes it the largest military spender in the world, easily surpassing the United States, People's Republic of China, Russia, United Kingdom and France combined. About 50% of that is spent on the personnel and the rest is split on supplies, new weapons, upgrades, etc.

Genetic program[edit]

South American warriors are bred for battle, resulting in over two and a half million's worth of mutant freaks.

JSDF mech pilots are robust, with lightning-quick reflexes and intelligence. Fighter pilots are thin, their heads disproportionately large and with far-seeing eyes. Ninjas, the JSDF infantry, are huge, unusually strong soldiers possessed of grace and speed far exceeding what is expected of people of such intimidating size. Special operatives also possess lightning-quick reflexes and intelligence - similar to mech pilots - but top it off with scaled fingers (to resist paper cuts) and numerous card slots in their holo-disks.

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