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Jay Chou's unique style of playing the piano

Jay Chow Chou Zhou (臭傻B)is the most popular R&B and Mexican Mariachi Artist in Asia most well known for his one expression (not smiling) which comes from a result of having so many operations done on his face. He is also well known for being able to sing amazingly low tones and eat 9 chili cheese dogs simultaneously. Also known as "J.C.", "Chow Fun" or "Chow Mein", Jay Chou is rumored to weigh 340 pounds. Incidentally, his numerous names are often used in ordering chinese take-outs around the globe.

Smashing Chou Songs[edit]

Some of his most famous works include:

"我没有屁眼 (I Don't Have an Asshole)"

Sentimental, striking, and profound all describe Chou's biggest hit. Sang in the style of Pavarotti meets the Beastie Boys with a touch of the unmistakable taste of feces, "我想要自己的毛屁眼" (lit: "I want a hairy asshole for my own") is the most famous line. The song is about passion, love, beauty, grace (and a cheese sandwich). He also explores the loving relationships of a human being and its asshole, and the relation to it and all surrounding assholes. This has recently become its own religion, Dogism, the religion in which people sniff each other's anuses to work out the lineage and age of the other person.

This song was from the album "Wo Shen Shia Me/Xie Xie Shway (I Hate You/The End of the Anus)", which went triple-platinum.

He is known for singing with something shafted up his ass due to his unique way of consipated singing.


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