Jayson Blair

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Jayson Blair
Jayson Blair
Personal info
Nationality american
Date of birth 12,219 BC
Place of birth Mexico
Date of death 2
Place of death Somewhere around the butt region
First Lady Lindy Sue Blair
Political career
Order 7th President
Vice President Garfield the Cat
Prime Minister Ran in 1965 election
Term of office 12,189 BCE12,067 BCD
Preceded by Garfield the Cat
Succeeded by Ogg the Gay Conquerer
Political party Independent Party

Jayson Blair was a man of honor. He saved little Billy from drowning and and solved world peace. He was personally given the order of Merlin by Richard Pryor. Blair also received the Nobel Prize for Physics when he invented the solar powered flashlight. Jayson was a man of good quality and ambition. He cured cancer and saved his Aunty Lucy from her horny drunk husband Harry. Jayson, may God be with you, God Bless You my son...