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Jedi master of Tijuana. Jedi Master Stimpy (September 12, 1985October 12, 2045) (also known as Gentle Giant Stimpy) appeared in Los Angeles early in Bubblegum Crisis 4 1/2 and became part of the force, replaced by Josh Taylor Stingray after he was killed by the U.S Army.


Born a long time ago in Tijuana as an orphan. With the destruction of Baja California, the infant Jedi Master Stimpy was locked in a freezer. Found and raised by Piro Llama, he lived in Alaska in 1987. He became proficient in the force.

After helping his sister Nancy Makuhari Cadoogen return the ceptor to Mount Helen and defeating Galatea, Stimpy rescued an orphan child, Josh Taylor Stingray, who was chained without food or water. He returned to Tijuana several years later and had a crush on his sister. One day he returned home to find Piro Llama living in his house.

Stimpy challenged Piro Llama to a duel, but Piro showed him how he'd upgraded the lightsaber, and got some Super Sekrit hand signals from gang members. Piro then used his dark powers, and threw them into Stimpy's face.

Heroic Deeds[edit]

  • Killing Jar Jar Binks
  • Falling down the stair case
  • Mixing rum with sake for his sister



Memorable Quotes[edit]

  • "Have you seen my lightsaber, its the one that says 'Rosebud' on it."
  • "This is for the rum and sake!"
  • "No, he will not be potty-trained."
  • "I sense a plot to destroy Tijuana. The Dark Side surrounds Darth Mario."

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