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JJ attempting to rape Christian Cage. Referee Earl Hebner and others flee the arena.

"Double Jerker" Jeff Jarret is a Canadian pornstar who has admitted to homosexuality, he is a multi time world heavy weight champion because he owns his own company and does what he wants, even raping Triple H several times to get it, and since then has raped numerous men to win the world heavyweight title

Early Career[edit]

Jeff worked early in his career as a stripper trying to pay for his kids nipple transplant he was soon found by Vince McMahon and ass raped him 20x then gave him a job as a WWE Diva. Jeff feuded with the 300 pound Stacy Keibler to win the World Slut Title.

Total Nonsense Action[edit]

Jeff Jarret at the prime of his career

Jeff left WWE after being raped by a huge chic(probably a man) named Chyna and lost the World Super Heavyweight Title. He and his daddy then made TNA and began raping AJ Styles and Christian Cage for the title and ejaculated sperm on Sting's face, and raped Kurt Angle 10x in the face


Jeff retired after getting gangbanged by Samoa Jerkoff and Umaga and getting wtfhaxxed by pornstar and one half of the Charlie's Angels Jeff Hardy, he has since married Timmy Turner and made 2 bastards named Cosmo and Wanda

The Boss (or like one)[edit]

Jeff Jarrett was pissed off that he couldn't be Triple H so he went on to try and be Vince McMahon and ended up as the boss where his duties were the following:

  • Talk to corporate
  • Approve memos
  • lead a workshop
  • remember birthdays
  • Direct workflow
  • his own bathroom
  • micromanage
  • promote synergy
  • hit on Don West
  • get rejected
  • swallow sadness
  • send some faxes
  • call a sex line
  • cry deeply
  • demand a refund
  • eat a bagel
  • harrassment lawsuit
  • no promotion
  • 5th of Vodka
  • puke on Don West's desk
  • buy a gun
  • in his mouth
  • oh f*** man can't f**king do it shit!
  • Pussy out
  • Shit on Don West's desk
  • Jump out the window
  • suck Kurt's Angle
  • Score some coke
  • crash his car
  • suck his own Angle
  • eat a chicken strip
  • cut his balls off
  • black out in the sewer
  • meet a giant fish
  • f**k his brains out
  • turn into a jet
  • bomb the Russians
  • crash into the sun
  • now he's dead

And that's an average day as the boss, Jeff Jarrett.

Easter Bunny Incident

Finishing and Signature Moves[edit]

  • Tittie Twister
  • Crotch Smack
  • Blow Job

Championships and Accomplishments[edit]

  • Heaviest Man Alive
  • Most Blowjobs
  • 5 Time World Heavyweight Champion
  • 1 Time World Slut Champion
  • Loudest Fart
  • Smelliest Shit
  • 2 Time TNA X-Division Champion
  • 26 Time World Pornstar Champion
  • 1 Time TWCA Television Title Champion
  • Most Overratted Wrestler of 1861
  • Most Overratted Wrestler of 1191-2061
  • #1 Most Boring and Overratted Wrestler of 2231-5214