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This page is about the... something. For other uses, see Jefferson Airplane (disambiguation).

This image was apparently taken at some club and used for some album, all of which is probably terribly interesting if you have some idea what that even means.

Jefferson Airplane is a band. Er, was a band, rather. In the '60s, which would explain why all the pictures are in black and white, except for the fact that it doesn't, since plenty of other images from before then were in colour. Perhaps it was an artistical thing? Except apparently plenty of the images on their website are in colour, so perhaps it's just a Wikipedia thing. At any rate, they did... made... played psychedelic rock, which was evidently part of some movement involving rock music that is psychedelic. They were also apparently pretty successful, with a bunch of 'hits' and albums and other things that I have no idea what they are, but that's what it says here. I'm just reading the Wikipedia article on them, see. I don't actually know anything about this group... er... band. Thing. For that matter, I'm not even entirely sure what a 'band' is; music never was much of a strong suit for me, and the word 'band' isn't even a link in the Wikipedia article. How silly is that? 'Rock' is, but not 'band'.

But apparently they were pretty good. Or people liked them, at least. Perhaps that meant they were good, perhaps not. I mean, this was the 60s, after all - wasn't everyone all stoned or something, anyhow? Says these guys played at Woodstock and stuff, after all, and my mum always said that was the most stoned time of her life.


Says here they formed. That would be rather odd if they hadn't, though, wouldn't it? Wouldn't they have had to have popped into existence out of nothing to have not formed? Except that would have been a formation as well. Perhaps they could have been made up, imagined, all that jazz, and not have formed, but then they never would have existed in the first place. But there's a Wikipedia article on them; they must have existed.

Some lady with some other lady. They look sedate enough.

Oh, they formed in San Francisco. In 1965, at that. That makes a little more sense. It's not just the formation itself, but a little something about when and where, which of course would be mentioned in a an encyclopaedia. That's the kind of thing they talk about, innit?

Historically, they did a bunch of stuff, had several original members whom I'd never heard of and who apparently rather majorly modified their names before going into into the entertainment business, because it would seem 'Martyn Jerel Buchwald' isn't a good name for a lead person of a band, and various other things that are undoubtedly quite fascinating to people who care. Then they got other members, did more things, members left, things changed, meanwhile they made appearances and recorded albums and... okay, what does 'LP' mean?

Seriously, huh?


The band went through quite a few members, although the layout of the Wikipedia article on them may have more to do with that than anything, as it just lists who was there according to several contexts, by instrument, at what particular time, scroll down some more... oh, actually, that's it. Still, quite a bit of repetition, especially on the timeline. Just says who was there at any given time. If they were there before, why, list them again! or so seems to have been the mindset. Have these people ever heard of a sortable table? In fact, I'm pretty sure we stole the sortable wikitable from them, so perhaps this just wasn't put together by their most erudite editors. Very odd.

At any rate, it was started by some guy, there were some singers, guitarists, drummers, even got one of the ladies to play an organ for awhile. More guitars, drums, vocals... ooh, percussion. Whatever that is.


Presumably, those are members, or something. Or were, at any rate. And the rest were probably pretty similar.

Albums and whatnot[edit]

Flying toasters, apparently. They started that. Ooo, and the wikipedia article on them was featured in Magyar! Whatever that is. Hungary? I mean, it's but shouldn't the subdomain be according to what the folks call themselves? Spanish is, after all. Isn't it?

But really, what's Magyar?

Jefferson Starship[edit]

This is all very confusing. Says it was a one-off based on an album, but it also says it's a band, and it started around when Jefferson Airplane fell apart. Er, dissoluted, rather. Or dissolved? Dis... something. It fell apart in some manner, at any rate, and then it became a starship, stopped flying amongst the clouds and started flying high amidst the stars! They must have been quite high, indeed.

I wonder if they got the idea from the toasters? I always thought those were flying through space. The Berkeley folks made them going through space. Made a screensaver out of it. The Wikipedia article says it was for Macs and Windows, but it was on BSD first. I mean, BSD even has it in the name; what do you think the 'B' stands for?

Okay, seriously[edit]

They're being rather bandlike. Or making music. Or noise, at least. Doesn't look particularly silent, at very least.

What the crap is a band? I mean, apparently it's a bunch of people who make music, at least in this context, but what makes them a band, exactly? Some of them wind up on a stage or in the room or what have you, some of them sit around complaining all the time, there's the one guy who invariably fusses over the electronics for hours before the live performance, complaining that it just won't work for him and everything has to be perfect and it's all horribly wrong; the cables aren't even plugged in properly or something... and then he drinks himself silly and passes out in the alley out back just prior and everyone else goes on without him, but what makes it a band? Can any pile of random people grab some instruments, or even some non-instruments, and start making some music (or non-music), and say, announce, declare to the world, "We are a band!"?

I don't get it. I don't get any of it.

White Rabbit[edit]

Back when Jefferson Airplane were still in their Vickers Viscount stages, they recorded a song entitled "White Rabbit". The song, sung by Paul McCartney of the Moody Blues, instantly became a Top 40 hit on every continent except Antarctica. The song details a day in the life of a hippie in San Francisco, California's Haight-Asbury Park district, complete with a verse about crashing a school bus into a medium-sized gorge. Unfortunately, the Walt Disney corporation misconstrued the lyrics as being a reference to Bugs Bunny, and immediately sued McCartney and the rest of the Starship. They were in turn sued by the Warner Brothers, who claimed that Bugs Bunny was their character and not Disney's. In the midst of a heated trial, George Bush appeared as a surprise witness, disclosing that he himself had been the inspiration for the song. Michael Eisner refused to continue the trial, storming out of the courtroom and immediately setting up an Occupy protest. The suit was settled, and any image that shows Bugs Bunny with the members of Jefferson Airplane is now property of Warner Brothers Entertainment.