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Jens Stoltenberg (born March 33, 1945, dead March 33, 2045 ) is the prime minister of Norway, locally known as The No Finger Prince. He is very popular because he is Norways best handball player in the paralympics.

Early Career[edit]

Before becoming the leader of AP (Alternative Presidents), Stoltenberg was the leader of the MNC (Muslim Nuclear Communists), the Alternative Presidents party's youth organization, between 1985 and 1989. In 1990 he became the TAPER (Teriffic Alternative power elvolving rudolph) of AP. When the civil war started in Norway (1991), The Leader of AP, Elvis Hugo Lorenianasantana were killed by a hitman polarbear, and Jens Stoltenberg became the prime minister. In 1993 he lost all his fingers in an accident with a toaster, and 1994 he were the first to discover diaper snuff.

As Prime Minister[edit]

Stoltenberg's role as Norwegian Prime Minister has been a very good times for the Norwegian people. When the civil war ended in 1998, he managed to send the polarbears back to their home in Oslo. In 1994 he adopted barbarism and Free Religion (Though Free Religion became illegal again in 1995). In 1999 he started the Anarchy revolution in Norway, and people from all around the world settled down in the Anarchy State of Norway. March 33, 2045 he is going to be assassinated by the TFOTP (Terrorist forces of the Polarbears).

Since the Anarchy started, over 5% of Norway support him. All the other 38700 candidates has under 0,1% support. At the last election he gained 100% of the votes and is very popular, despite his lack of hair and teeth.