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Jensen Ackles
Jensen Ackles makes a yearly pilgrimage to the Oxford University Press to thank them for the gift of dictionary.
Date of birth: The Year Without A Soul
Birth location: Manticore
Height: There are terribly deluded rumors that Jensen is over six feet tall, however it has been confirmed that his Supernatural co-star, Jared Padalecki is 5'7", which would make Jensen a midget.[1]
Other name(s): Jemsem, Frackles, and Pudgy Midway. Named after hymn writer Georg Jensen and painter Bob Ross. We couldn't make that up if we tried.
Notable role(s): Are you kidding?

Jensen Ackles was born in Dallas, Texas, to Roger Alan Ackles and Donna Joan Shaffer. After taking up a modeling career as a young child, he then began to concentrate on a acting career next in 1996 upon his graduation from Lloyd V. Berkner High School in Richardson, Texas. In 1997, Ackles received a role on the NBC's soap "Days of Our Lives" as Eric Brady; a role for which he won the 1998 Soap Opera Digest Award for Best Male Newcomer.

After leaving "Days of Our Lives" (1965) in 2000, Ackles went to Vancouver, joining the cast of the James Cameron television series "Dark Angel" (2000). His first appearance on the show was in 2001 as Max' (played by Jessica Alba) disturbed brother Ben/X5-493. After Ben" died, Ackles returned to the series in the second season as Ben's clone, Alec/X5-494, who eventually teamed up with Max and stayed until the show's demise in 2002.

In 2003, Ackles then made several guest appearances on several television series; a couple of them include being C.J. on the hit WB Network show "Dawson's Creek" (1998), in 2004, as Jason Teague in "Smallville". To date Ackles returns to television in the WB horror series "Supernatural" taking in the role of Dean Winchester, who teams with his little brother Sam (played by Jared Padalecki) to road-trip across the country investigating the paranormal.


Recently: Apparently, he does movies. In which he wears kilts and has craaaaaaaaaaazy hair. Oh and he once played the devil's kid.

More Recently: He plays a dead guy on the hit CW show, Supernatural, because Dean always wanted to be just like Dad (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) so he could save his brother Sam, who is the Anti-Christ.

Not Recent Yet: Rumors currently abound that during hiatus for Supernatural, Jensen has changed his name to "Tom", deleted his MySpace (again), and spends his afternoons scooting around downtown Pittsburgh on a dead miniature motorcycle, making engine noises. In his spare time, he works on his own script, selecting random words from the dictionary for inspiration.

Furthermore, his favorite game is "When Dean says bitch, you must drink." This means he is often found in an alcoholic stupor grinning at his co-star like a 6-year old. Fortunately for him, this is JP's favorite game as well.


“It is better to be 'sexy' than 'not sexy'”

~ Jensen Ackles on to a magazine interviewer

“I like chocolate because it's chocolatey!”

~ Jensen Ackles on to himself whilst eating some chocolate.

“I'm a mad Gummi fan. I always have Gummis in my trailer. But you can't eat too many because then you get Gummi tummy, and that's no good.”

~ Jensen Ackles on in an interview when asked about the greatest trials facing our society today


  1. Thankfully, Ackles' weight makes him heavy enough to keep himself attached to the car the last time he went hood surfing.

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