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Jerry Lewis is God as well as the King of FLAYVIN!-Land. He was born in 1856 to a refuge family from Pittsburgh, PA who left the oppression of the Amish majority.

Mr. Lewis was a popular entertainer who fits into that rare category of being un-funny, scary and annoying: a triple threat. This explains why the Frogs love him, because they are un-funny, scarry and annoying as well. During his performing years Mr. Lewis's talents included, but were not limited to, mocking Asians, making unintelligible noises, and using the phrase, "Hey Lady!" Mr. Lewis gained international notoriety by being a douche bag before being a douche bag was made popular by people such as Gallagher, Carrot Top, John Travolta and the modern Douche Phenomenon Kevin Federline.


Mr. Lewis has a large body of film work but due to lack of interest no one has ever bothered to record it. With few professional accolades to hold on to he was able to go into hiding only to resurface in Cleveland, Ohio after years in the whitness protection program. This was because of mob threats on his life due to his years of bad acting and gambling debts in Vegas. Under his alter ego, "Joe Cimperman", he now is a un-funny, scary and annoying city councilman for Cleveland's downtown ward. While not being busy with important councilman work like standing on the street corner and waving to each car that passes or running through the city's China Town district naked screaming "Me So Sowwy", he aims to fight his arch nemesis Wal-Mart; a group who refused to sell his mass produced autographed photos and "Hey Lady" t-shirts in the south during the twilight of his Jerry Lewis years.

Joe Cimperman during his Jerry Lewis Years (Left) and Jerry Lewis Today in his Joe Cimperman Years(Right)

While Mr. Lewis is still believed to be the spokesperson for Muscular Dystrophy under his previous identity, video is actually used of him that was shot by the U.S. Military prior to his plastic surgery for these telethons. The money is believed to be used to pay off his gambling debts.

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