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Ian Anderson preparing to play his Peruvian Nose-Flute, during a Jethro Tull concert.

“Livid with the Past?”

~ Noel Coward on Jethro Tull

“Ole Charlie stole their handle and Charlie ain't giving it back, not at page ONE!”

~ Gideon Bible on Jethro Tull

“ where the hell was Biggles, when you needed him that Saturday?!”

~ Personal Jesus on Jethro Tull

“I like sitting on a park bench, eyeing little girls with bad intent!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Jethro Tull

“In the clear white circles of warning blunder I taste my case with the lord of the THRILLS!”

~ Mick Jagger on Jethro Tull


~ Ian Anderson on the flute

“Who the hell are you and what the hell are you doing with my Grammy?”

~ Lars Ulrich on Jethro Tull

“Don't you mean our Grammy?"”

~ The rest of Metallica on the above quote


~ Lars Ulrich on being a little bitch


For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia think they have an article about Jethro Tull.

Jethro Tull is the name traditionally used to refer to the entity or entities that are Jethro Tull, are old, and come from England. It should be noted that Jethro Tull is similar in structure to Christianity's Holy Trinity in that no one understands how it works, but it does make sense if you don't apply any logic to it. Jethro Tull is held to be a triumvirate of Jethro Tull the Farmer (Tull the Guy in some doctrines), Tull the Son, and Tull the Band. Tull the Farmer is also Tull the Son and Tull the Band who is also Tull the Farmer but not the son as that is Ian Anderson except when multiplied by 14. Ian Anderson is Tull the Farmer and approximately one-fifth of Tull the Band except when there's more than five of them or one is OD'd in which case this fraction is adjusted accordingly. For the purposes of readability this article will refer to Them (The Band), Him (the Farmer), It (Ian Anderson), and The Whole Fucking Lot of Them as 'Tull' and 'they'.

Early History[edit]

The Ice: Impressonist painting by Hungarian artist Ian Anderson depicting Jethro Tull skating away on the thing called "ice" of a new day

Jethro Tull, (the Guy and the Band), are, is, were, and always will be an agricultural flautet from England. Although there are conflicting accounts of when Tull formed (commonly cited dates being 1701 and 1967) Ian Anderson's appearance indicates both dates are equally plausible. Before eventually sticking with Jethro Tull, they were known by many names, including The Jethro Tull Experience, The Farmers, Tuul, Ultima Tüll, and Amon Tüül II. Specializing in playing the flute as it was all they could afford for most of their existance, Jethro Tull became a unique live-experience.


Being agriculturalists, Tull grew cannabis on a large scale Farm on a Freeway and distributed it as "merchandise". This was not their only influence however. They were also highly influenced by the hilarious hayseed antics of the Jethro Bodine character on the television comedy "The Beaver Lee Hillbillies." "Driving Song" was written as a tribute to him.


During the wild 1760's Jethro Tull was charged for sexual misconduct after playing at the court of Queen Catherine the Great of Russia. During the performance of Green Fingers, Red Handed the She-male keyboardist allegedly forced him/her/itself on the Queen's advisor. Not being first-pick the queen was furious and stormed out crying: "I can't even get intercourse with a tranny?" This led to a series of charges and the Tull was convicted to write and perform a song to Catherine called Heavy Horses.

Tull have also been oft criticized for their opinions on the role of women; a strong advocate of the horse-drawn hoe for weeding, they've constantly attracted flak from feminist groups over their stance. When questioned about this, Tull are on record as saying "Look, that's their place. We can't pick our own fucking weed, we're too busy flauting. Hoes are great for this task provided they're kept on a choker chain. At least it gets her out of the kitchen".

Jethro Tull has also been said to have performed at the Woodstock Festival in the Summer of '69, ironically with Bryan Adams who "played slap bass with his dick while Anderson blew his flute" After many years of masturdebating over this "appearance" there, Tull has denied any involvement with that 'sausage gathering'. Ian Anderson stated that "I don't know man... that was a bloody long time ago, but I do remember Bryan Adams tickled my monstrous testicles with a feather once or every other Saturday night back in '69. ... ... ... I miss that little bitch like the desert misses the rain."

More recently, Anderson was arrested in 2004 when he was found "sitting on a park bench, eyeing little girls with bad intent."

Rock & Roll (R&R) award[edit]

Do I really have to say it...?

Really don't mind if you sing this one out! - Sir Jethro Tull Challenge, 1959

Jethro Tull is also famous for composing the only never-ending song in R&R history: Thick as Quikfix (an Irish/Scot/British slang meaning "dunce," "insensitive," "dumb-ass," "politician," et cetera) The song is so long and so quickly written by Tull that no R&R band has been able to sing it fast enough to catch up with Tull's even faster writing. Tull is still writing the lyrics and even the "rally" effort by the students of the top five R&R schools of UK & USA during "Live Aid," 1929 (wherein bands took "breathless" turns to catch up with Tull's quick composing) was a disappointing failure! Sir Tull continues to write at an alarming speed of 320 m per sec. ("sec." being an Irish/Scot/British slang for "sex") and the song remains unfinished. It has been established that even if Tull were to die today (thus hastening the end of Thick as Quikfix's composing), it would still be humanly impossible for any R&R artist to sing the whole song within the average human lifespan. The band was awarded an "R&R lifetime(?) achievement award" by Sir Grammys in 2000 for this unparalleled feat. At the award ceremony they were pelted with some kind of Wondrous Crimson liquid, sperm found in gutters, and at least one VERY Heavy Horse. These objects were thrown by angry Metallica fans.


Unflappable flautist Jethro Tull stamping one brown mouse that had crawled onto the stage while they were performing live in Tokyo in 1967 - Jethro carried on fluting and singing without any errors! Tull was famous for such extemporaneous performances that departed radically from practiced rehearsals

The band is widely known across the world for their spectacular live-shows involving advanced pyro-technics, wild costumes, and free donuts. At a particular live-show in Alaska Jethro Tull himself (He, They, and It) was dressed as a boat, Martin Purré as Big Bird, Ian Anderson as a man who was too old to rock'n roll, too young to die, Jonathan Noise as a steel monkey and Andrew the keyboardist as a woman. They then spent the entire concert making jokes while tuning their instruments and ended the show by simply leaving a beggar and train on the stage.

Jethro Tull taught Rambo how to rock.


Peter Gaybreal: Vocals, Flute

Ian Anderson: Flute, Soprano Saxflute

Martin Purré: Flute

Jonathan Noise: Drums.....naah, just kiddin': Flute

Andrew Sossity: Keyboard, Flute

Gerald Bostock: Flute, Brick, Frighteningly Large Ejaculation Probe

Karl Marx: Communism and Flute

Oscar Engels: Flute support

Ron Burgundy: Flute support (yazz flute)

Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond-Hammond-Hammond Weintraub: Base Flute, Organ

John Even: Samples of Flutes

Geoffery Mellotron-Mellotron: Synthesized Flute

David/Dee Palmer: Vagina Flute

Barriemore Barlow: Use your imagination


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