Jewish-Palestinian Pact

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The Jewish-Palestinian Pact is a form of legislation spurred on by the rebirth of Niagara Falls in the aftermath of its destruction by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Written in 1989, the pact establishes that Jews and Palestinians will, based on their mutual love and understanding, live only with each other in communes, especially those Jews and Palestinians living in the greater Niagara Falls region. Among other important precedents, the act enforces intermarriage between Jews and Palestinians in an attempt to support the hybrid religion Juslim.

Modern Interpretations[edit]

Many view the pact as justification for greater peace across the interweb. Wikipedia's articles relating to the Pact are brutally supressed by flame wars between several different, highly self-destructive personalities of the infamous writer Anonymous. Some scholars speculate that a greater degree of peace could be used to fight against Anonymous, but these theories are highly controversial for not taking into account whether violence can be regarded as a justifiable means to liberate vampirically seized souls.


Critics of the agreement come from two camps. The first are generally outraged Americans who view the spread of Juslimity as encroachment upon their own territory. Frequently, Juslims take American jobs, and recently debate has spread nationwide over the morality of outsourcing jobs to Juslim regions.

Second, many hard-right Jews and Muslims view the mixing of their respective religions as a sin. Spurred by this enmity, the two sides have formed the Judaic-Muslim Co-op. In recent news, the Co-op declared war upon members of the Jewish-Palestinian Pact in the so-called Coopact Wars.