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Jigoku Shōjo(Japanese: 堅い中心の陰茎の地獄少女, English: Hell Girl, Engrish: Herr Gilr/Hair Giler) is a hentai-anime about a young school girl who delivers hellish sexual pleasure by accessing her website: Jigoku tsuushin(roughly meaning Hotline to Hell), which can only be accessed the same time pr0n T.V. shows are broadcast in midnight children's channels, the anime was also aired the same time. The show had an episodic nature as every episode showcased a different victim..err client. The anime had many camoes of other anime school girls like Asuka, Syaoran and Sailor moon.



Each episode shows at least one different "hell girl" along with the original Hell girl.

Ai Enma
Make Love not War

The queen of Jigoku Tsuushin. She was a love-child of Lucy, The satan, and Osamu Tezuka. She has a 4 feet long tongue and has a vagina that can constrict her victims...err clients for maximum sexual pain and pleasure.


A Perverted old man who goes after young girls (like Tsugumi Shibada). He often will try to rape Ai and Kikuri, but in vain. As punishment for trying to sexually assault them, Ai has Ren have his sexual pleasure with him. His name literally means " A wheel that just ran you over"

Ichimoku Ren

A Bisexual bi-shounen who victimizes mostly young school boys. He has a fetish on little boys and girls who own a Vibrator. He often has his sexual way with The Pedophile Wanyuudou if Ai wills it.

Hone Onna

An uber-slut that pretends to be a young school girl. In season 2, she was able grow fully erected penises. Her name literally means "Bone woman".

Ai's Grandmother

The unseen character who does absolutely nothing except bitch about the old days. "Back when I was Hell Girl..."

She loves sucking

The kawaii hell girl. She is an opposite of Enma Ai. She is a different kind of Hell Girl as she goes and get laid on her own unlike the other Hell girls who just follow Enma Ai and join in her "transactions" to get laid. She loves to suck everything, and can suck anything.


Appeared to be Kikuri's sex-slave, a totally junta/cute boy popular among old female customers. It is said that he had been maltreated by an old couple.

The Spider

Ai's pimp, also known as Satan. Has a part time job as the ruler of Hell. Has tried to rape Ai at the end of each season. He is speculated to be both the mother and father of Kikuri.

Recurring victims[edit]

Tsugumi Shibata

The sluttiest hell girl. She can use her vagina as if it is her mouth. She can also grow tentacle-like appendeges that she could use for even more fun.

Hajime Shibata

Yet another gay "bi-shounen" intent on raping young schoolboys. Has a fetish on little boys dressed as girls and always fantasizes about having sex with his/her daughter, who is Tsugumi.

Takuma Kurebayashi

Another pretty boy prostitute like Yamawaro. Lives in Lovely Hills. Is widely known for the boy who gets fucked over every episode. Lost his virginity to a girl with a frog fetish.

Yuzuki Mikage

A cute girl who was selected by Ai to serve with her. But she just keeps refusing.

Akie Takasugi

Yuzuki's slutty friend who was almost raped twice.

List of Regular Customers[edit]

These people are notably the regular customers of Jigoku Tsuushin:

Regular Costumers

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