Jimbo and the Jet Set

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Jimbo and the Jet Set (often shortened to simply Jimbo!) was a popular British animated cartoon series during the 1980s. The series featured the adventures of the eponymous Jimbo, during his times as an intern at a UK Airport. Created by Cruddocks Cartoon Productions, the show originally ran for 25 episodes between 1986 and 1987.

Series Overview[edit]

In the animated tales of Jimbo and his Jet Set pals, Jimbo manages to get into all kinds of golly japes. In one episode we see him delivering a package of low grade soft porn to the Beaumorris Airport in North Wales. In another episode Jimbo tries to wipe from history all details of his former colleague, the airport philosopher Larry the Aircraft Hanger. Hilarity always ensues.

The series spawned a series of entertaining adventures including “Jimbo and the Troll”, “Jimbo and the Revert War“ and “Jimbo and the Big Problem”. Bizarrely, many of the plotlines for the episodes bear an uncanny resemblance to events that happened later in Jimbo's career. Chief scriptwriter Michel de Nostrodamus is of the opinion that it "is just a coincidence".

Additional Characters[edit]

Jimbo's features are instantly recognisable, despite his missing "trademark" goatee.
  • Angela the Baggage Handler: Always on hand to lug other people's rubbish around.
  • Florence the Firetruck: Some French chick.
  • Timmy Towtruck: Workshy member of the ground team, who never actually shows up in any episodes.
  • Brion the Chief Controller: Airport Adminstration Chief.
  • Larry the Aircraft Hanger: Disappeared after the first episode, and now officially wiped from the show's history.

Filled Slot[edit]

During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Jimbo and the Jet Set filled an important slot alongside the following quality children's programming: