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Sported the cocker spaniel style for 10 years plus


~ John Deacon on Himself

“What can I say about John? Well...I have more hair than him, I guess.”

~ Brain May on John

“I don't know.”

~ John Deacon on Anything

“Doesn't anyone care who the hell you are?”

~ An obnoxious Fan

John Richard Deacon (born 19 August 1951), or Deacon John as he was known in China, was the fourth and final member of the popular barber shop quartet known as Queen. He was the shittest member of Queen, which is why it was such a surprise when he came out with such a badass bassline as in 'Another One Bites the Dust'. At an early age, he took a vow of silence, which gave him a reputation as Queen's "quiet one who stands in the back looking like a cocker spaniel on horse tranquilizers". Surprisingly, he has over 5,000 "fans" on Facebook. This might be explained by the fact that the "fan page" is registered as "John Deacon (From Queen)" and the barber shop quartet's high-reputation might have helped. As a bassist and accomplished mime, Deacon was the one member of the group in possession of anything even slightly resembling sanity, which eventually led to him retiring from the world of music in the mid-1990's due to Freddie Mercury's death. Deacon felt that the lack of a flamboyant singer would make him seem more interesting. A small group of Jainist monks report that he is now living in a mud hut in the Chota Nagpur Plateau in India.

Many art historians speculate that Deacon has achieved paranormal powers and traveled back in time to be the model for the Mona Lisa.

Early Years[edit]

He was crazy, but clever as schoolboy. This is something he said:

Cquote1.png I always be Wikipedia, I would never be Uncyclopedia. I am an Internet website, full of information. Please use me! Cquote2.png

Little is known about John Deacon's childhood. It was rumored that he was very suicidal as a teen, and when questioned aboutthis, he would always try and change the subject. The few fans of Deacon hold that he magically appeared when Sigmund Freud yawned. As a young man, he attended college majoring in the technological sciences and two of the five "Super Sciences" created by Einstein just two decades before. His obsession with all things technical and mechanical was matched only by his affinity for ridiculously tight jeans and his unquenchable lust for tennis, which he claimed gave him mild sexual arousal. "Backhand Deaky" graduated with a degree in technological science, and no friends. John used his newly acquired knowledge and bitter hatred of the human race to build an army of deadly robotic drones modeled vaguely after Little Richard. There was no turning back. Rumour has it that Deacon had a brother - Wilhelm - who can only be seen by those wearing 3D glasses. Wilhelm is now believed to go under the alias of Sebastian Gabriel Chennells, and lives in the confines of a Danish church somewhere near the southern tip of Africa.

"Backhand" Deaky


1973 saw Deacon poised on the eve of his greatest military victory yet. Having already conquered Leicester, Wales, most of Surrey, and two Shetland islands, his army seemed to be unstoppable as they marched towards London. At the same time, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor, and Brian May had just stormed Paris and obliterated Berlin. As the second seemingly unstoppable army marched toward London, John Deacon uncovered his bass and knocked down the fortifications surrounding London using the sheer power of music.

Deacon agreed to join Queen after his army was shamefully defeated at the banks of the river Thames singlehandedly by MI-6 special agent John Steed. His career as Queen's bassist went largely unnoticed, but he managed to compensate with his hypnotic, swaying dance and sober expression as he plucked his instrument. This move is now used as a form of execution, but has received flak for being slightly more painful than the lethal injection. John's anonymity grew from there; he was awarded a Grammy for "Most Forgettable Bassist of All Time" in January of 1976, however, he was not presented it because no one could remember who he was and security carted him off. During one disastrous show in Madison Square Garden, after Freddie introduced Roger and Brian, he announced,

Cquote1.png And on bass... er... ehh... em... that guy! Cquote2.png

Most attribute John Deacon's varitable invisibility to both his scientific experiments with invisibility and the fact that most fans were too distracted by Brian's hair and musical glory, Roger's testicle shrinking screams, and Freddie's outstanding voice and giant teeth.

A romantic moment with bandmate and lover, Roger Taylor.

Personal Life[edit]

John Deacon met Roger Taylor at college in 1968. When Roger joined the band, Queen, he persuaded John to join him, in both Queen and a domestic partnership. This seems to be why no one cared about Freddie being bi. The respective members of Doger, as the couple is called, have had several children, but no one knows where they come from. Though they reportedly have strange entities called "wives", many speculate that the eleven little buggers with falsetto speaking voices and perpetual dull glares are really from this queer-ass romance. It is speculated that Dakota Fanning and Tom Felton may be two of their children.

Even though John and Roger are lovers, John has a wife, and they apparently spent quite a lot of time together, as the couple has roughly eighty children--all of whom have their own special Deacon power.


Despite this, Deaky Plain and Tall penned many of the bands' greatest hits, such as You're A Person That I Enjoy Spending Time With More Than Others and I Want to Go Pee, along with Some Stupid Pilot Thin for Some Other Band. Perhaps his greatest hit was Don Corleone Bites the Dust, a re-imagining of The Sugar Hill Gang's Rappers Delight. These are not the songs real names, as, due to the Canadian Bill Of Rights, the boredom invoked by Deacon has been found to cause muscle spasms and comas.

The majority of Deacon's compositions ended up as unpublished tracks deemed "too shocking" for use on any albums, let alone radio. These "lost" tracks are said to have been cleaned up and covered by hip-hop artist 50 Cent, and used extensively throughout both his Get Rich or Die Tryin' and The Massacre albums. It is rumored that the rapper will place remixes of "Misfire" and "Who Needs You" on a 2010 album.

After Queen[edit]

No-one knows what happened to John Deacon. Brian May reported seeing him teaching ballet in a small, rundown studio May accidently visited when Queen+That whiny, depressed asshole toured in Russia. He was recently spotted in Toronto preaching a new religion based from a Frank Herbert novel - Duneism.

Recently, The Wall Street Urinal reported that Deaky has had a sex-change operation and is currently the lead-female role in the Twilight movie franchise. The precious few who enjoy both Queen and Kristen Stewart saw the resemblance, but the combined aura of boredom brought on by Deaky and Stewart caused them to forget about the sex-change within a few minutes. This also explains Robert Pattinson's apathetic features throughout the films.

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