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Johnathan Raspheral ( born June 2nd 1919 - died July 1st, 1999 ) was the oldest child of two retarded immigrant farmers. He helped create the VCR Pokemon, Cardcaptors the coffee machine, the tv show Sanford and Son, and the hairstyle the backwords ponytail. He would go on to create 222 movies before his death in 1999. He would also end up writing sixteen books, his most famous was called "The Sexual Adventures of Rubius" which ended up winning sixteen nobel peace prizes in 1998. Their was also a sub-par sequel "Even More Sex With Rubius" which only won 2 nobel peace prizes in 1999, Johnathan Raspheral was shot by a crazy crossdressing fan of Walt Disney in his home on Janurary 9, 1999. Johnathan was 80.

List of Film's Johnathan Raspheral made

  • The Attack of the Flea People
  • The Attack of the Android
  • The Attack of the Ant People
  • The Attack of the Dead People
  • The Return of the Attack of the Flea People
  • The Revenge
  • The Return
  • The Attack of Gorrila Man
  • Lucas II: The Story of Senor Lucas The Second
  • Death of A Spelibergo
  • Jono Hornbakero: The Story of a Mexican
  • The Life Story of Michael P. Sidebottom
  • King of the Hill: The Directors Cut
  • The Killing
  • The Killer
  • The Death of the Killer
  • Get Out of the House NOW
  • Get Out of the Park NOW
  • Get Out of the Hospital NOW
  • Get Out of the Mcdonalds NOW
  • Get Out of MY House NOW
  • Get Out of the House NOW II
  • and 200 movies about his feet (this was in the 90s when the man had clearly gone insane)