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Jorge Garibaldi (born Yang Garibaldi on February 7, 1984 in Milan, Italy) is an infamous writer/drinker.

My Pet Cheetah[edit]

"Doctor" Jorge was born Yang Garibaldi in 1984 (he later changed his name to Jorge to match his glamorous lifestyle). His first and most famous book, "My Pet Cheetah" was released in various English speaking countries, as well as Spain and Italy, but never made it to the US. It focused on a false autobiography where before his death he “won an e-bay auction for a title of Doctor of Alcohol-Induced Love, arguably, the best kind of love there is.”

In this fictitious novel he was known for his philanthropic acts, love of minorities, and tendency to drown temporarily in a large hot tub filled with vodka, he mysteriously acquired large sums of money which he displayed by purchasing several pet cheetahs.

He never married, but steadily maintained dozens of girlfriends. A daring character to the end, he died in a tragic skydiving incident, when he forgot his parachute. Most likely he was blackedout. Ironically, he landed in a Bacardi factory, where his statue stands to this day, according to the novel. The book ends with this quote, "Despite his short life and early death Jorge G. will be much missed by the world, especially his coke dealer."


In reality, he was a twin born on a stormy night. He was the younger of the two. His parents named them after the Chinese symbol, Yin & Yang. He lived in Milan, Florence, Madrid, London, and Mexico before moving to the United States to live permanently. He appeared in several European commercials but never made it as the star of any shows. He is fluent in English, Italian, French, and Spanish. Other than writing he also enjoys writing poetry, singing, and acting. He often claims to have been born in 1986, but Spanish tabloids proved otherwise.

He was cast for Big Brother Mexico in 2003 however due to several minor incidents and two major drunken events he was kicked off the show before its premiere night. He was also responsible for the delay of the show for 2 weeks. These events lead to his banning from Mexican public television. The Mexican TV Network, Televisa, refuses to disclose details on the incident. It is rumored he turned down an offer from MTV to appear on the 2006 season of The Real World. It is speculated his refusal has something to do with legal terms reached with Televisa when he was kicked off.

Currently Jorge attends The University of California, Berkeley, where he pursues a degree in Business. His career plans include going to law school and “changing the world.”

Published Works[edit]

Books & Short Stories: My Pet Cheetah (2001) The Answer to the Question of the Meaning of Life (2003) A Deep Thought (2004) Life after the Universe (2004)

Poems: Shogun Warrior (1998) The KLPO Poem Collection (1999) In the Circus (2005)

Short Films: Peanut & His Friends (2002) The Asphyxiation Trilogy (2002) Jorge Runs for President (a.k.a. Jorge Drunk) (2003) Vitamin Rainbow (2004)


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