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The joule is a unit of measurement designed by jewel to measure the amount of joule in a piece of jewelry. The amount of joule is measured in terms of joules.

History of the Joule[edit]

Born asexually in 1470 A.C. to Joules Verne, Joule was poor growing up. It went to a local school where it met Newton. Joule and Newton started a rock called Newton and the Figs. Their popularity in school soon skyrocketed. However, Newton was going through difficult times, and was actually considering changing his value. It was at this time that Joule and Newton decided to go their separate ways. The rest of Joule's high school years were lonely. He had a short-lived relationship with Meter which was destined to fail.

The College Years[edit]

Joule went to Oxford where he learned many things.

Golden Age of Joule[edit]

Joule formed a grindcore band in 1788 with college buddy, Byte. This band achieved an enormous amount of success with the 1780s scene. During this period, Joule had tons of sex and did tons of cocaine. However, this band eventually fell apart because Byte wanted to take the band in a more electronic direction, and Joule left the band.

Joule's Decline[edit]

In 1801, Joule announced his sobriety. He had stopped using cocaine, and everyone could tell. They knew his post-cocaine years were a downward spiral. Joule couldn't stop avoiding addictive substances. In 1869, Joule died of an underdose of heroin.