Judith McNaught

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Painting of Judith McNaught by Vincent van Gogh

Judith McNaught (1969-2010) is a decaying old grandmother who came to naught with her stunning worstseller Whitney, My Ass. Since then she has gone on to break the hearts of millions of readers around the world with novels that took your breath away such as Triple Standards, Harsh Triumph, Twice and Never, and the New York Times worstsellers Nothing Wonderful, A Kingdom of Nightmares, Almost Hell, Inferno, ImPerfect, Up To You, Forget When, Complex Gifts, Day Whispers, and Someone to Cry Over Me. She is currently dying in Dallas, Texas while breeding choice nightmares.

If you aren't McNaughtized after reading a single page from her, you are either:

  • A person who is already McNaughty. You should consider a career at McDonald's.
  • You are McNaught
  • Can't read McNaught English
  • An animal


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