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Those obsessed with so-called experts should thank their lucky stars that Wikipedia does not have an article about KOSA Bear.

KOSA Bear is a species living in the world of assholes. Aka Kevin Ong Shao An, this bear has been diagnosed with mad medicine since it was a cub and takes heroin daily.

This bear lives only in the forest, disguised as a maplestory player. Its attacks include the dreaded Savage Cock Blow and Unlucky 126. Currently, KOSA Bear is wanted by the police, for using its other attack: shooting out sperms and infecting populations. This sperm, which could travel as far as 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000km, has a lifespan of 1 minute. Amazingly, as KOSA Bear is a gay, its sperms attack only males, forcing their penis to explode violently when infected. So far, there has been no cure.

Many people have been tormented by KOSA lately, forcing them to move planet and give up Maplestory, Dota and much more games in order to avoid KOSA's sperms. Luckily, KOSA Bear has been spotted, about 100000 years ago. It was last seen on the planet of Aholand. At that time, KOSA Bear made a game, which terribly bored the whole galaxy.

KOSA Bear created a game which came to be known as RuneScape. This lame game, which involves staring at the computer while fighting, walking about and wearing sexy stuff, is rotten to the core, only to be played by KOSA. So far, KOSA claims that in RuneScape, the best items are all bronze, which is the colour of shit.

In the game RuneScape, there are several items you can wear: -Bronze: Wear this to look pro, KOSA will accept you into its bear coporation. -Iron: Very much worse than no armour, it attracts KOSA to use its sperms. -Steel: Some silver armour, use this to blind your enemies. Mithril: Wear this to turn to the Dark Side of the Force, this armour is the second most pro. Adamanite: Short-form is known as 'addy' this looks green like the forest. Used to disguise players from leaves. Rune: One of the lousiest, anyone with a magnet will kill the player instantly.

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