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Kampen is Dutch for camps. It is also the name of a village in the north-east of Holland. It is called Kampen becouse it exists out of a group of refugee-camps. Around 33000 refugees find a temporary home here.


When in 1986 lots of refugees came to Holland, they needed some extra camps for them. These camps were placed in an area close to the IJssel-lake, in a huge field where nobody wanted to live, becouse long time ago people claimed to have seen some Holy Ghosts.

This could actually be true. When the first refugees moved to Kampen, they immediately started to build huge tents that they started to use as some sort of Church to honour "the Holy Ghost". Scientists who do research to the behaviour of specificly the refugees in Kampen, say that the Holy Ghost they speak about must have Holy Haunted these people, as there is no village in the world that nowadays have as much churches as Kampen (exept maybe Urk, but that's a different story).


There is no reason why anyone would see a future for Kampen. For the good of everybody, it would be best if the refugees who now live in Kampen, would move to another place that is not haunted, like for example Rotterdam.

Those who want to go to Kampen are strongly advised not to do so!! Men who don't believe in the goodness of the Ghost are immediately killed and women are raped by the church leaders! Anyway, they say that anyone who went there, was never to be seen again (exept for the staff of the Hogwards Express, which has a stop in Kampen)...