Kansas, New Jersey

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Approved by Kansas Board of Education
Approved by the Kansas State Board of Education
This page meets all criteria and requirements for use as teaching material within the State of Kansas public school system. It consists of facts, not of theories, and students are encouraged to believe it uncritically, and to approach alternatives critically.

Kansas, New Jersey (referred to by residents as "Bridgewater Township") is a rathole in the very heart of the state of New Jersey. Kansas is actually the corss between the liberal and conservative dimensions of the country. WHile most of the rest of the state is in the liberl dimension, Kansas is a hole into the conservative dimension, thus it's name, when visiter Mark Harley, originally of Jersey City visited it, he said "it's like Kansas in New Jersey", thus to the outside world Bridgewater became known as Kansas.

Quote Unquote Life[edit]

In Kansas NJ everybody is a self-conceited, right-wing, farm owning hicks who want nothing to do with the amazing amount of culutre in the nearby New York and Philadelphia metropolitan areas. These people instead get more enjoyment out of bragging about how much money they make in a year and buying 10 mcmansions a day.


The schools in Kansas NJ are ranked high by Texan terms of schools. The reality is the schools are run by the Republican Party who obviously have no ability of controlling the students. The students their enjoy failing on purpose and getting drunk and laid more so than any other New Jersey school district, however the Republican party sends New Jersey fake test scores and that is why Kansas seems to be so high ranked.


THe demographics of the Kansas, New Jersey are 90% Idiotic Bumbling Retard, 2% City People Who Thought Living In the Country Would Be A Good Idea, and 8% more Idiotic Bumbling Retard