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[[Karakuridôji Ultimo |Karakuridoji Ultimo]]

Model Ultimo and Vice being advertise

Karakuridôji Ultimo (機巧童子ULTIMO, Karakuri Dōji Urutimo?, literally, "Sex Toy: Ultimo") is a mechanical boy which was created by the sexual fantasies of Stan Lee and illustrated by that man who created Shaman King. Stan Lee and that man who created Shaman King join to create something interesting, original, cheap, and with a lot of action but unfortunately for them the Power Rangers was already created. After several hours of thinking they finally came out with an idea after watching a commercial about new sex toys. Stan Lee decided to name his creation Sex Toy: Ultimo

A special issue was publish by Jump circle one sunny night of winter. Later, the manga was monopolized by Miz Media and chapter 0.0 was publish in September 200X edition of Gay Jump.


Yamato Agari is the reincarnation of another guy from another time in another decade. After being a bandit in his other life Yamato has become a pacifist loser and only have one midget friend. One faithful morning afternoon at evening he remembered he has to buy a birthday present for this girl he have been stalking. After a long short day of thinking he saw a Sex Toy at the local Sex Shop and decide that was a perfect gift. Yamato and his friend enter the Sex Shop and suddenly an old pedophile man who looks like Stan Lee appeared from nowhere and said some creepy stuff. Then the Sex Toy Ultimo move and freak out Yamato the old man hire Yamato to advertise Model Ultimo and the story begins.


Ultimo (Last in English)[edit]

Ultimo Cosplay

Ultimo is The Sex Toy who represents all good sex. He have an appearance of a young boy that looks like a girl he has white skin, green eye and red hair. Ultimo met Yamato some centuries back in Japan when sex was fun and nobody had to worry about HIV and later reunite with him in the future were sex is still fun but now HIV and other Sexually Transmitted disease make it less fun than before. He was created by Sex Shop owner and professional pedophile Roger Stan Lee Dunstan. Model Ultimo have the ability to transform in sex toy that represent a crane and a lion and can. "sound like fun doesn't it?


Yamato is the main protagonist of the series and is hired to advertise Model Ultimo he is currently competing with others Masters to win the Tournament. He was a bandit centuries ago and now he is a school boy. He met Ultimo at the a Sex Shop which is own by pedophile Dunstan who

No, not that Yamato!!!

hires him to advertise Ultimo.

K (Short for OK)[edit]

Is the first main antagonist who was also Hire to advertise a Sex Toy. He used to work a the S.W.A.P. team but decided to quit. He currently advertise Model Vice.


Vice is a sex toy that represents all kind of bad sex. His master is K and worst enemy is Ultimo. Model Vice was made to imitate turtles sex slow and creepy.

Pedophile Dunstan[edit]

Dunstan was the creator of all the sex toys and resembles Stan Lee in image and attitude. He created all one hundred models in order to found out which kind of sex is the best. Dunstan can control dimension and children he also have a sex toy with him.

Rune Kodaira[edit]

Rune is Yamato's classmate, friend, lover, and stalker in the past he was a women but he had surgery and became a guy he also was hire to advertise model jealousy.

Musashi Murayama[edit]

Is a psychiatric patient that thinks he is a police officer form the future. He want to capture Dunstan because he did not paid his salary after advertising model Sophia who represents wisdom during sex even if the one using her is a virgin. His goal is to capture Dunstan then to read a book about the paradox of time traveling and go to sleep at 8:00 p.m.


Is an emotion of "I want that" and "I should have that not him" and also a model Sex Toy. Jealousy is a model in which the one who use it feel jealous of the sex other people have.

The Good Douji Club (The Good Sex Club)[edit]

Six Sex Toy are currently part of the club and the leader is Ultimo. Giving, Morality, patience, energy, edition, and wisdom during sex are currently what this club has to offer.