Kasey Kahne

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Kasey Kahne's pet spider Munch

Kasey Kahne[edit]

Kasey Kahne is a moderately well known NASCAR racer, infamous for his blatant racism. Beginning his racing career in 1994, Kasey Kahne drove the #9 car, which is rumored to stand for the number of African Americans he has killed over the course of his career in the KKK.


Kasey Kenneth Kahne is often referred to as the soul of NASCAR due to his expressing all of the values that NASCAR holds high- namely, racial bigotry, stupidity, and not being a sport. During his six-year stint in the Klan, Kahne gained infamy for running over his prey in a 64 Chevy pickup. His favorit snack is fried spiders. Mmmmm.

However Kasey has come to be considered the greatest nascar driver of all time. However after his merciless beating along with an unnamed fan beat a Southeatern Pennsylvania teenager after the boy said some things both of them found annoying

Quotes by Kasey Kahne[edit]

“I have a lot of fans, but one in particular sticks out as my very least favorite. Chris Murphy.”

“That boy had it coming that little bastard me and that other guy kicked his racist ass.”