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We are pretty certain this is Kashyyk.

Kashyyyk is a small green planet located in the Spanzemonkee Sector of the galaxy, it is a far flung, backwater world where the Muslim people known as Wookiees inhabit, Kashyyk is Wookieeish for "The third eye of Allah" , while this is supposed to mean Allah's great eye of observance and power, many ignorant spacers beleived it to mean that the Planet was Allah's Penis, and it has been since called by spacers the Big green dick planet, this has of course outraged muslims, but then again anything does, so Nobody Cares



The age of the great EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH(which is the sound Wookiee's make when they're "speaking"), is the Mythical age when the great Wookiee spiritual leader, Chewhommed, founded the Muslim Wookiee sect on Kashsyyk, these Muslim Wookiee's drove off the Human Infidels, preaching Allah's Peace as they slaughtered thousands of human settlers, the Wookiee's had retaken their planet, and when Humanity was drove off, they splintered and began to fight one another after Chewhommed's death and ascension to mystical prophet of allah.

Oh those silly Muslim Wookiees hahaha.

The age of the Great Rawwwwwwwwlr Ehhhhhhhh[edit]

Peace would not last long, and seven centuries later, the First Jewish Wookiee's appeared, founding their Strange religon in the Chewdah region of Kasyyyk, here they began to worship their version of God, which they called Chawah, Jewish Wookiee's were considered a entirely different subrace of Wookiee's and generally hated by the Muslim Wookiees, war was common, this sealed the fate of Kashyyyk, for the Captilistic Jewish Wookiees(called Jookiees) made a pact with the great human empire of the United States and their Tyrannical Emperor George Bush.

Invasion of Arraqis[edit]

In 2003, a Coalition of Jookiee and US forces under Bush's command, began to invade the Wookiee country of Arraqis, the Invasion took three years to perform succesfully, and even then everyone agreed it was one of the worst invasions in history, Bush was dethroned and Mr.T was given the throne of the US empire, he made peace with both the Muslim and Jewish Wookiees, and helped rebuild the shattered Wookiee peoples, Mr.T's reign would be one sung of for centuries thereafter, and it is agreed he was one of the greatest human rulers, both Wookiee's now see him as a Saint.



A 7-Eleven was recently opened outside Bagdar, Kashyyyk, it is one of the more popular destinations to head to on Kashyyyk, serving such items as a "Yoda Slush" and the O so popular icecream refered to as a "Wookiee Slong", it is exactly fourteen inches in length.

Osama Ber Rawlen[edit]

Osama Ber Rawlen is a Terroist Muslim Wookiee who leads a gorilla terroist organization known as the Gorilla Terroist Organization, Osama preaches that the Muslim Wookiee people must take revenge against the "Pig-Faced Jookiees and Imperialstic Humans", he is known to repeat "Infidel" over and over again, and in fact every sentence he mutters has Infidel within it, some would go so far to say that he is incapable of not saying Infidel, so far he has not responded to this theory.Now living within the Caverns of some Backwater piece of shit country on Kashyyyk, he still fights a Gorilla War against the Infidels.

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