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The Propaganda[edit]

Katian crap.png

Katian, according to its' LaunchPad site, is Fabian Scherschel's personal remix of Xubuntu optimized towards network analysis, forensics, media production... Fabian Scherschel - a iPhone-toting German drunkard is most infamous from his time co-hosting Linux Outlaws with Dan Lynch. A collaboration that started out merely as a way for Fabian to get out of community service and ended up so much less.

The Truth[edit]

With it's stated capabilities - and an interface Kato Kaelin could figure out stoned - Katian is the perfect platform for creating and distributing duck porn. Apparently a not-so-subtle attempt from this Becks-swilling sellout to finally get a pot to...well...you know.

Notable Features[edit]

  • The grep command defaults to grep panties if no search term is given
  • The key sequence CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE gives Dan a cold...again
  • The key sequence CTRL-ALT-W-A-N-K-E-R gives Fabian a wedgie NOTE: apparently added by Katy once she found out Linux conferences aren't actually held in strip clubs. Who knew she was uber-l33t?