Katie Price

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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Bitch?
Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Satan?


“I'm Rich!”

~ Plastic Surgeon

“She's my best client!”

~ Satan on the number of times Jordan sold her soul to him


Jordan, or Katie Price, was a Page 3 model who was often wanked off by around 15000 guys a day because she had massive tits. Despite her fame on this, the desperate people over at ITV wanted her to come on the show.

I'm A Z-Lister Get ME OUT OF HERE![edit]

Jordan went on the program where she had sex with Peter Andre, and then they got married had kids and etc. Unfortunately,Peter did not realise he had married a class A bitch who was just using him to make herself more famous, so they lived for a time happy.


Due to the fact Jordan wanted to be famous so badly, she allowed TV cameras into the home. Gordon Brown has congratulated her on the amount of jobs she has created for OK! and a billion satellite networks on UK television (ITV 2, BBC)

Death of Peter Andre[edit]

Sadly, Jordan one day ate Peter Andre with her snake tongue and cackled, saying "Thanks for everything, bitch!!"