Katie Vick

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Katie Vick
Katie Vick
Personal info
Nationality american
Date of birth 2020BC
Place of birth
Date of death 1992AD
Place of death Backseat of a car, Tennessee
First Lady Various Miss Worlds and Bond girls
Political career
Order 58rd President
Vice President Kane
Prime Minister Ran in 1965 election
Term of office 53025.4
Preceded by Tom
Succeeded by current
Political party Cheerleading Party

Katie Vick was the 58th President of the United States, taking over from Tom The Ultimate in the 53025.4 elections. She is known as the first dead cheerleader to become president. Her rise to power coincided with the fashion statement that aliens were so 53023 and that dead cheerleaders were in.

Her presidency had controversy when in 53583.853, she was caught in a sex scandal involving getting head in her crashed car in 1992 after her death from the car crash. Originally it was thought that the semen of was her future vice president Kane was featured in her panties, but eventually it was found out to be Bill Clinton as a bribe to get her out of the president race she was hoping to run for. Futher accusations were made into Katiegate with professional wrestler Triple H admiting to raping her at her funeral but it is not yet known if this is true. It is also rumoured* that she is controlled by Tom from his sofa


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President of the United States
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