Kauffman Report Part III

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“Effects of the McLagardère pressure on exponential bilinear momentum waves in popular economic culture (A parallel introduction to Social Individualism.”

~ Lord Durham on Kauffman Report Part III

English Version prepared by Dr. Kauffman P.C.B., president of the council.

First public Kauffman Report[edit]

The Kauffman Report Part III was Lord Durham P.C.B's first public financial report to be publicised on a safe website.

December 4th, 2006[edit]

Operation R.J. was planned during a curvilinear MSN conference between myself and Lord Chamberlain Johnson the day before. R.J. Stands for Radical Jack, a popular nickname that was given to John George Lambton himself by english-speaking canadians and neo-socialist brazilians. The operation was a critical succes. Our rates exploded on the brazilian market during that day.

December 7th, 2006[edit]

Lord Bédard presents himself all sweaty at the P.C.B headquarters: Our despatched member, Sir Dalpé, found from sure sources that Lagardère, a french multimedia and weapon selling multinational was secretly planning to destroy the P.C.B, by sending axisymmetric and kinematic viscocities by a protected mIRC channel situated in a bovarian enthalpic shear dress.

December 8th, 2006[edit]

The sudden fear of our investors made the market flow throught a stream angle (on horizontal boundary thickness). An imminent solution was required to solve the problem. Jean-Pierre Lambert thought fonction escalier or even pure momentum formulas could be the key. And he was right. The following formula depicted the whole situation and was more than enough to re-enable a new value of equilibrium for the economical imbroglio that was felt through the inviscid enthalpy of our actions. [(ØPr)ζ']' + fζ' = Ue²/He{Ø[(1 – Pr)/Pr]ƒ'ƒ}'


PV= nRT ƒ(x)= a[bx] + c



Then RATE = (BNR- ¼Momentum)/ Kauffman Constant

Finacial Hot Dog, Economical strategy developped in Kauffman Report #1

-- In Durham We Trust

Sir Johnson, Lord Bédard, Lord Dalpé and Doctor Kauffman P.C.B.

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