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Not to be outdone, Tom the Killer Tomato arose in 1978 following the Rise of the Corn in 1977. Not to be outdone, he immediately sought to launch his killing career to compete with the new vegetarian media propoganda.

The Killer Tomato represented in the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game.

Tomatic Rupture[edit]

The origins of Tom the Killer Tomato are truly unknown, but it has been suggested that the gamma ray emitted by Killer Corn and, to a lesser extent, The Great Pumpkin lead to Tom's rise and awakening in the tomato trees of southern Euthanasia. Following the No Vegetable Left Behind act of 1977 and 1/2, Tom the Killer Tomato fell off of his tree and attempted to splatter the world with red goop as a hopeful reminder that tomatoes are a more spectacular killing force than anything that walks behind rows or floats through patches.

  • Breaking News* The killer tomato doesn't have legs...

1977 Documentary[edit]

In 1977 the John De Bello camp helped to drop the inanimate Tom for the purposes of recording the onslaught in his 1977 documentary Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, acting as it's subtext while focusing mainly on the events of the Great Tomato War. The result was a widespread panic that rivals the corn documentary of 1977. It was one of the shortest documentaries ever filmed, lasting only 10 minutes and showing Tom's fall from the tree to the ground where he promptly left a goopy orange and red mess.

Tomthulhu Cult[edit]

The Tomthulhu Cult is a modern day religious philosiphy begun by the secretive son of John De Bello, George Clooney. Clooney attempted to utilize Enochian locksmiths to rise the spirit of goop from the root infested ground at the base of Tom's tree. By chanting the proper syllables on a night when the moon is red, which has happened three times since 1978, resulted in only a goop-laden shoe born mess rendering the shoes unsmokable.