Killer Tomatoes Eat France!

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“Sacré Bleu!!!”

Killer Tomatoes Eat France! was an Anglo-French production released in 1991. It is a documentary program that was born out of the Killer Tomato boom that followed the release of Return of the Killer Tomatoes.


The documentary was originally to be called France: The Unsung Tomato Battlefield, but the Producers thought this was too bullshit. When a security guard was watching Attack of the Killer Tomatoes on late-night TV, he shouted "KILLER TOMATOES, EAT FRANCE!" in his hatred for the French, and the title was born.


The series, which was the last series to concentrate on the Tomatoes themselves, (the very last being Attack of the Killer Potatoes), the series talks about the little-known attempts by the Killer Tomatoes to cause uprisings on the continent.

In 1872, the Killer Carrots and the Killer Tomatoes took a respite from attacking the British Empire by attempting to stir up trouble in France. There were only a handful of French Tomatoes who were willing to stir up trouble, but they were easily crushed not only by the French army, but also because France is predominantly an Onion country, and the Onions were far from sympathetic to the Tomatoes.

Using real French performers and English Tomatoes, several scenes were re-enacted for the series, and these were used extensively due to the lack of eyewitnesses of the incidents who were still alive.


The series received mild responses from the Media, but the disastrous reception of Attack of the Killer Potatoes, the series had grown steadily popular, but never reached the popularity that Attack of the Killer Tomatoes: The Animated Documentary Series. Like it or loathe it, the show has remained popular with it's fans.


  • To France - The Carrots suggest an uprising on the Continent
  • English Meadow, French Onion - The Tomatoes arrive in France and are confronted by the Onions
  • The Uprising - An attempted attack on Boulougne fails after being put down by the French army
  • Moving On - The Tomatoes decide to attempt an attack on a small village and then move up. The French Tomatoes begin to grow weary.
  • Two in a Row - The Tomatoes are defeated once again, and are hounded out of France. The Onions set to work restoring the damaged buildings.
  • Back Home - The Tomatoes return to Wales and ally with the Killer Carrots to begin their attack on Cardiff. All plans of a French uprising are abandoned.