Killer Tomatoes Strike Back

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Killer Tomatoes Strike Back was a period-drama that aired on NBC in 1983 amidst the Killer Tomato boom. It featured Jacques Chirac as the Narrator with Bill Murray appearing as the Killer Tomatoes.


Inspired by the plot of the shelved film, Return of the Killer Tomatoes, the period-drama dealt with the REAL aftermath of the Great Tomato War. The clean-up operations by British soldiers are hindered by Killer Tomatoes who are still resentful over the Potato Famine and wish to restart the war regardless of the Vegetable Armistice.

The series was different from other Killer Tomato documentaries and dramatisations for focusing solely on the involvement of Tomatoes and making no references to the Killer Carrots. In fact, the only sentient vegetables in the series are the Tomatoes themselves.


Being the first Killer Tomato dramatisation, the series met with a general warm response at the beginning, but slowly declined as other series sprouted up from it's success. Dan Akroyd described the series as:

"...perhaps one of the best I've seen. OK, so there were other sneaky bastards who ripped it off, but at least with this show, you actually know what the fuck is going on..."

The Carrot populace of the world gave the film a thumbs-up because of their acquittal of post-war actions against the humans. However, the Cucumber populace were weary as their bravery in and after the war remained uncreditted in the series.

DVD Release[edit]

With the success of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes: The Animated Documentary Series, Killer Tomatoes Strike Back was released on DVD in 2004. Sales were mild at first, and still remain neutral to this day. 6 million copies have been sold worldwide, and the figure has neither increased nor declined since then.

Viewing Figures[edit]

  • Episode One - 1,980,700 viewers
  • Episode Two - 2,030,600 viewers
  • Episode Three - 3,900,870 viewers
  • Episode Four - 19,272,200 viewers
  • Episode Five - 19,261,000 viewers
  • Episode Six - 17,239,126 viewers
  • Episode Seven - 18,000,000 viewers
  • Episode Eight - 12,000,001 viewers
  • Episode Nine - 132,722 viewers
  • Episode Ten - 39,003 viewers



  • The role of the narrator was originally intended for Your Mom.