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Tamia was here”

~ Tamia

"Kilroy was here" is a symbol of Jewish revenge. 46,361 thousands of Jews worldwide have been hunting for Kilroy ever since the end of World War II. They failed to hunt him down as of this writing (January 16, 2022, (Sunday), week 2, 22:28). Only God knows how inefficient they are.

WTF is Kilroy?[edit]

If you see Kilroy, tell him he's dead.

Kilroy is "here". Ahem. Let's not joke about it. Kilroy Hitler was the führer of the Nazi party. After the World War I, he became Canada's Chancellor and built up the world's most powerful army of boy scouts. Under his courageous leadership, Canadians invaded Europe -- a lovely place where the Jews and the antelopes play. Jews hated Kilroy. They defeated the Canadian army. The war was over.

However, Kilroy disappeared after the fall of his Canadian Empire. Jews were really mad about it. Kilroy did not innnvite them to his underground WEDDING PARTY in Berlin! They vowed to hunt him down no matter where he is. They started to go everywhere (see Diaspora) looking for Kilroy. Whenever they find a place where Kilroy used to stay, they mark the place with "Kilroy was here" with a piece of German-made chalk.

An alternative theory suggests that Kilroy is actually the famous singer Robert Orin Charles Kilroy, but that can not possibly be right, since everyone loves Dennis DeYoung. Still, the theory remains popular among rogue Zionists.

WTF are the Jews?[edit]

Jews like Jewbacca are still going here and there lookng for Kilroy. Just don't interrupt them. They're also editing on Uncyclopedia on Saturday mornings, which they aren't supposed to do, and making a mess of it in the process. (what the hey, it beats cartoons and davening.) Kilroy has also been seen in many uncyclopedia articles in the past week. We blame the soviets.

WTF did you get this information?[edit]

I learned everything about "Kilroy was here" by studying Wikipedia. Thanks to Wikipedia, it helps me to write this fact-based article. Wikipedia saves me countless hours of research time. I personally guarantee this article has all the facts you need to know about this important historical topic. You really don't need to go back to Wikipedia. Amen. Oh,and by the way, Kilroy was here.

WTF is Kilroy doing in politics?[edit]

Appears in disguise as Robert Kilroy Silk .