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King Harold was the first King to have used an umbrella. He also liked cheese spread. He didn't do much interesting apart from getting killed by William The Conqueror, who thought he'd make a better King. Originally King Harold was born on the border of Wales and England and was therefore deemed neutral, he did not have a nationality. His parents being deformed monkeys, named him after their favourite food, that’s right, Bananas...During his school years, due to his abnormal amount of hair, he was given the nickname Hairy And Really Odd Looking Dude (HAROLD for short). The battle of Hastings was where he allegedly died at the hand of William The Conqueror, but due to new historical facts, a Co-op receipt for 100g of cheese spread dated 11th March 1068 was found thus proving he still lived, and wasn't on a diet as depicted in the Bayeux tapestry. Besides, who dies when they get shot in the eye? Seriosly...


  • He won a Gold medal in the 1073 Olympics for the 100m sprint for both England and Wales at the same time.
  • He invented the early toaster.
  • Came second in the 1050 big brother house competition thingy, being beaten by Tom Baker whom travelled back in time just to participate.
  • he has a school named after him that i go too whoooooooooooo hooooooooooooooo :)
Preceded by:
King Arthur
Protector of the British Isles
1023 - 1066
Succeeded by:
William The Conquerer