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Being developed side-by-side with it's prequel, King of Fighters XII, KOFXIII will finally, completely merge the storylines of the KOF and Garou/Fatal Fury universes. As such, the new game is going to feature the rest of the MOTW cast that hasn't appeared in prior KOF's. Since King of Fighters games are no longer being created every year, the release date of this game is unknown. Chances are though that the game will definately be released before 2010.


The only confirmed info about the story is that Tiger Woods goes corrupt, kills Lucky, Brian, and D', then transforms into Omega Tiger Woods. It is then revealed that he is plotting to steal Ash's newly-jacked powers along with a few buddies of his. Omega Tom Hanks, Omega George W. Bush, and Omega Chuck Norris then join Omega Tiger Woods. .


KOFXIII teams are composed of a minimum of four people storyline-wise and up to four players are selectable. A normal AtomisWave box can't support more than two human players in one arcade cabinet, so the game makes use of AW-NET for matching partner(s) and/or opponent(s). You can't form a team with one player. Health bias is modifiable and can be determined only by the leader of the team. Three players from each team can be on the screen at a time. Three players can only be on the screen for 5 seconds at a time and only when the simul bar is full. If the third player isn't tagged out at the end of the timer, a ten second penalty occurs. This penalty prohibits charging for the three simultaneous player strategy. Whether the third player leaves early or not, the simul bar becomes completely drained and it must be charged again. If only one player is onscreen, then the simul bar grows faster than it does if two players from a team are onscreen. Unlike previous KOF incarnations, single player mode has been removed.

The Teams of King of Fighters XIII[edit]

The Sinister Team[edit]

Being rivals in previous KOF's, it is currently unclear as to why Elisabeth Blanctorche and Duo Lon have been paired up with Ash and Oswald. It is rumored that Ash has become so strong, that he used telepathic powers to convince them to join his team. Also, Shen Woo is obviously missing from this team. Reportedly, Ash and Shen got into a huge argument over who's turn it was to get to wear the hairband, and Ash easily set his ass on fire, so he won't be coming back anytime soon.

The Japanese Team[edit]

Plot line for this team is fruity to say the least I.E. Benimaru and MI Iori renting a room for the night and teaming up.

Because it is MI Iori and therefore not normal Iori, he has his purple flames because he is from an alternate universe caused by division by zero where Ash did not steal his powers.

The Western Wolves Team[edit]

It is said that Andy betrayed Terry in KOFXII in order to protect Mai Shiranui's honor. A rift was driven between the two brothers and they form seperate teams in the current KOF tournament. Terry now dons his classic Fatal Fury clothing, but without the hat. Andy stole his favorite hat to try reduce Terry's fighting spirit. The team names, Eastern and Western Wolves, are based on where their teammates come from in New South Town.

The Eastern Wolves Team[edit]

Andy was upset at Terry for performing better in the previous KOF tournament. At the end of one of Terry's matches, at a point where Andy was already done fighting, Andy yelled at Terry that they weren't in fact blood brothers. They were instead, both adopted and had seperate parents... or so Andy claimed. This enraged Terry and he consequently raped Mai Shiranui in Andy's dojo. Mai Shiranui tells Andy she was pregnant from the previous KOF. It is said Mai and her baby appears along Andy during his intro, however, there are not known facts about this baby such as name, age, sex, father, or if it is even human. Andy secretly trains a local young boy, Hokutomaru to assassinate Terry should Andy fail in defeating Terry.

The Outlaw Team[edit]

While Geese Howard is known to be dead and buried (although rumoured playable in House of the Dead 4), his orders are still being carried out by his former henchmen. With Takuma's betrayal from past encounters, Geese's orders are to kill the Sakazaki's and anyone else who stands in the way of carrying those orders out. Billy Kane was secretly taught the Raging Storm to help ensure the death of his enemies. Although not stated in the storyline, Geese Howard's henchmen have been injected with a time release poison should they not kill the Sakazaki's soon. As time goes on in the internal clock of the arcade, the outlaw team starts with less initial life until they disappear and become unselectable.

The Kyokugen Team[edit]

Kasumi Todoh allies the Kyokugen to fight against her own father, in order to make him go back to the right path. Kasumi defeats Robert Garcia to enter the tournament in his place, however, Robert didn't tell her that he just allowed her to win for this noble cause and cause he is tired of fighting and Kyokugen.

It should be noted that even in the Japanese release, Marco Rodriguez is referred to as Khushnood Butt. The reason for this is Japan found the name so funny that they all started to refer to him as that, and as a result, SNK Playmore decided that it would be his official worldwide name from then on. It is said his fighting style is a lot more like Capcom's Dan Hibiki. He even has Dan's "Oyaji" winpose, but he says "Kyokugen fighter!" emphatically instead.

The Anti-Kyokugen Team Second Edition[edit]

A former leader in the mob, Mr. Big has choose the right path, but not before having a new fight against Takuma and Ryo, just for the old times. He has made a team out of those who has similar desires: King, who is really angry with the fact that Ryo can't get it up and instead must bang a 5'6" Mexican-American named Psicoso, Ryuhaku Todoh, who has to show to her daughter how well he can fight yet and defeat Sakazaki's, and Eiji, everywhere, everytime Ryo's rival.

The Queen of Fighters Team[edit]

This is the first time in KOF history that the female team does not include any hot chicks, but cute and noisy girls (if you count Yuri, though she just doesn't act like a girl on her 20's). Still a mystery why or how this team was formed, however, it is speculated Hotaru Futaba has joined them to fight Gato. If this is true, it overwrites Garou's storyline.

The Korea Team[edit]

Plot line for this team still a secret for this time. SNKPlaymore has not declared nothing about the May Lee character copyright, however, she is confirmed to be in the game. Bruce Lee is also rumoured to be playable but due to copyright reasons, he speaks Russian.

The New Sports Team[edit]

Lucky Glauber returns with the New Sports Team to fight Terry over a trademark infringement. Lucky Glauber attempted to file for the trademark, "Power Dunk", but was barred because Terry Bogard has an existing trademark that will last until his death. In the 90's, Lucky Glauber made nearly a billion dollars for a successful marketing campaign that lasted nearly 12 years using the phrase "Power Dunk" in the commercials. Toward the end of Lucky's basketball career, Terry Bogard filed suit for defamation of character related to the trademark infringement asking for half a billion dollars. In order to avoid the lawsuit filed by Terry, Lucky has called upon his old Sports Team teammates and Tiger Woods to kill Terry Bogard during the next KOF tournament.

The Wrestling Team[edit]

Plot line for this team still a secret for this time though its rumoured Big Bear and Tizoc like to get it on in the ring and Ramon likes to Ram On!

The Metal Slug Team[edit]

Mars People likes to have some tentacle fun with the team members from time to time. It is said he seduced the members of METAL SLUG to enter the KOFXIII tournament.

The Ikari Warriors Team[edit]

Being in nearly every KOF series from beginning, it is certain that the three of the fighters (Ralf, Clark and Heidern) are under life-long contract to appear in any SNK games to provide the role of "those tough, military type fighters" and to provide the audience with a stereotypical military group.

The group is lead by Heidern, who after reading a Nick Fury comic book concluded that great generals of military organizations must wear eye patches.

In the early 80s during the hayday of New Wave Music he started recruiting for his new task force which will be known as Ikari Warriors, This in fact was the basis of the Popular Arcade game of the same name.

Ralf Jones and Clark Steel were two generic soldiers trained specifically under the Ikari Warriors program, which mean they will eat, sleep and run around the jungle together to the point that they will have the same identity. This program worked so successfully, it took the two six years (1994-2000) to successfully develop separate identities. Though on a recent interview, they said they DID have separate identities, they just liked it that way.

Leona Heidern is the niece of Heidern which was recruited to help Ralf and Clark to form separate identities. Leona was trained by Heidern himself in various styles of fighting and cutting vegetables. It has been common assumption that leona carries only a butter knife and only her immense skill enables her to cut flesh with it.

Leona's replacement of Heidern during the first part of KOF series was due to Heidern's decommisioning of Ikari Warriors project. Though the project has been decommisioned, the team still makes use of the name. This is due to SNK's insistence that the name must be kept under SNK Trademark and the three (Ralf, Clark and Heidern) being on a life-long contract is happy to oblige.

The Bernstein Team[edit]

Plot line for this team still a secret for this time. Though rumor has it that Rugal will fight in a wheelchair and be voiced by Stephen Hawking. If this is true, he will be the first fighting game character to fight in a wheelchair since Professor Xavier. It is also speculated that they defeat the New Sports Team because Brian decided to push Rugal down a flight of stairs and as a result, causes his team to be disqualified, causing Tiger Woods to go apeshit.

The Psycho Soldiers Reunion Team[edit]

After a hiatus of being in the asylum, the Psycho Soldiers reunite for another match! Unfortunately they are now crazier than ever, making them a difficult team to control and play against! Athena, despite her real life death, returns in the video game, this time voiced by Tom Cruise. Sie Kensou has been joined by Hannibal Lector, who contributes his own ability of eating people into the squad, and Chin Gentsai, that old fart from `Nam, comes back to get drunk. Also this time, they get aid from fellow psychic, Miss Cleo.

Contrary to popular belief, Lil' Bow Wow did not return as people thought, as SNK said that when he was eaten, he was EATEN. Nobody really liked him anyways. He was a small annoying rapping kid and wasn't even insane. Athena once again exchanges her outfit for this year for something more ugly and silly, and SNK confirmed that in the next game she will come dressed in clownwear.

The Bosses[edit]

The Omega Celebrity Team[edit]

The most unfair of all the teams, The Omega Celebrity Team introduces some monstrously unbalanced bosses to the KOF series. Omega Tiger Woods uses his powers of laser beams, rocket missiles, shrimping buses, and that goddamn crane that always picks you up and drops you 20 feet from the sky causing critical damage. Omega Chuck Norris just goes straight for a kick to the crotch, which results in an instant kill 100% of the time. Omega George W. Bush attacks with severe stupidity. Omega Tom Hanks you can't even hit, so you must try to endure the pain of his unrelentless storm of movie posters, all the while hearing the bastard laugh at you.

There is one way that you might win in Arcade mode, however: if by some small chance that they pick Omega Tom Hanks as the striker, which almost never happens.

The Orochi Team[edit]

The Boss Team[edit]