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The King of Idiots is a stalker on the internet who tends to have the ability to read the minds of other idiots. Rumors have been recently circulating that the King of Idiots is actually not an idiot, despite his spam and stupidity. He is known to often play the internet shooting game, Soldat.

This is said to be the true identity of the King of Idiots, however recent studies show that the King of Idiots is too smart to look like this.

Bob Dole is known to support (and claims to have invented) the King of Idiots.

The King of Idiots is not really the true King of Idiots, King Ned III is the true King of the Idiot monarchy.


While the King of Idiots is illustrious and a stalker by nature, he has been known to browse the internet under the alias of 'Dilt the Idiot'. His real name is unknown, although rumors of the name being Lloyd have surfaced as of recently. He is also rumored to created suthc movies like Sicko and 9/11 Fahrenheit although such claims go unfounded.

Rumors have been circulating that the King of Idiots may be female, however, such rumors have been blasted by 'his' 'creator', Bob Dole, stating, "Bob Dole states that there are no females on Bob Dole's Internet, unless they are on Bob Dole's porn."

Further Investigation[edit]

The food source of the King of Idiots.

After a number of years of research into the decryption and interpretation of the garbled jumble of text a bucket of water with a hole in it was spouting, as it stated, "it wasn't allowed to spout water from the same hole because his mommy told him to not let gravity boss him around anymore.", clues arose that finally gave the public a relatively clear indication as to the location of the King of Idiots and his followers. It was quickly realized that his objective was to bring Bob Dole back to power and bring the King of Idiots to the same god-like status he had obtained during the last years of the prehistoric period in which humans had not fully developed their brains yet. This of course was deemed to be completely unacceptable by the group known as Earth-shattering powers of supreme might. In response, they recruited the esteemed tracker and hunter Steve Irwin, who reluctantly agreed to help them out, provided he's able to dangle small children in front of impending danger, to hunt and eliminate the King of Idiots.

After venturing into the swamps of Louisiana in his straight cut beige shorts and trademark ranger shirt, Steve vanished from contact for almost three months before the Earth-shattering powers of supreme might finally found him rocking back and forth with a bucket of water with a hole in it on his head muttering, "By crikey! Look at the size of that thing!" It is unconfirmed as to whether or not he did in fact find the King of Idiots but it is surmised that his condition was caused by a heavy exposure to the game Soldat which is known to be a favorite past time for the King of Idiots. Unfortunately, the truth was forever sealed the day Irwin was killed by the organization only known as STING RAY.

Bob Dole, who claims to have invented the King of Idiots, had this to say about the situation: "Bob Dole does not have any comment about Bob Dole's creation, the King of Idiots, at Bob Dole's current time. However, Bob Dole will be willing to give comments about Bob Dole whenever Bob Dole's fan's request for it." Rumors have been circulating that Bob Dole was indirectly responsible for Steve Irwin's insanity, since Bob Dole is an avid player of Soldat.

As of March of the year 2006, the King of Idiots has made several appearances in games of Pasketmaul.

Legendary Idiot[edit]

Constantly mistaken to be the same person as the King of Idiots, the Legendary Idiot is, in fact, not the same person as him, and any idiot can tell that. Not much is known about the Legendary Idiot, besides that he is said to be the greatest, biggest, and most powerful idiot ever exist, and the King of Idiots worship him as his god, or probably even more than that. The Legendary Idiot does not deserve his own page because barely anything is known about him, due to the reason he doesn't exist and is nothing but an idiot's wild imagination. Of course, rumor has it that the Legendary Idiot is also the King of Idiots, but this has yet to be proven.