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Kirameki members can be easily regonized with this badge over the forums on MyTruckstar. This badge also grants them excess to one of the most highly guarded vaults in Domo-Kun's Stomach.

Kirameki is a fictional organization of criminal Tricksters in the Anime and Manga series Truckstar Online [FAiltreev Inc.™]. They serve collectively as the primary antagonists of the Truckstar Online storyline and their membership includes several of the series most recognizable characters. All of the members are like-minded super villians that have banded together for the ultimate purpose of world domination.

Kirameki is known to exist in many other different Anime and Manga series, said to also be included in some series of Hentai, Ecchi, Yuri, Yaoi, Guro, Loli, Shota... etc.

The meaning Kirameki itself is profound and incredibly hard to understand. Trying to understand the meaning of Kirameki is stupidly impossible. It will cause 9001 Domo-Kuns to go after you 24/7 because the meaning of Kirameki is one of the few wordly weapons that can wipe out an entire group of Domos like how Siren Song would be able to do for an AOE attack on Truckstar Online. Other ways of finding out what is the meaning of Kirameki could include Google Search, which as we know, is an evil empire of crazy lunatics trying to conquer the online community and entire for world domination for being only company left on earth on 2017.

Insulting a Kirameki member could unleash the power of an incredibly strong combo attack of Grues and Domo-Kuns, which as we have known it to be almost impossible to defeat no matter how much weaponry you have at your disposal. The only method known to be able to stop this combination attack is to wait for NoeJeko to appear with his ClayClay and to pwn those 2 bastards flat.

The woman in the image you are about to see is a totally brainless attention whoring bitch.

Kirameki Convention 2017 in Tokyo

Ways to insult a Kirameki member:

- Shout

- Typing in Caps

- Bullshitting

- Rubbish on their Guild Forum

- Scream and Shout

- Typing loads of !!!!!!!!!1111111111!!1!!

- Scream and Cry

- Ending your sentence with e?

- Claim that they're on boosters

- Threaten to PvP (Thats Player VS Player) them

- Piss their pet Domo off

- Make dumb threads in MyTruckstar

- Eating a banana while peeling an orange or slicing an apple on a Japanese Bullet Train upside down

- Put stupid options here in this thread without authorization from any of their members

- Fart at their faces

Shouting won't help you, you're pretty much doomed.

If you had insulted a Kirameki member previously, you would want to know how to summon NoeJeko before they unleash the impossible combination attack of Domo-Kuns and Grues, which is to dance Caramelldansen, which most of you from MyTruckstar had seen before.

Thats right! Its Carmelldansen by the man himself, folks!

The faster you could dance Caramelldansen, the faster you would be saved by NoeJeko. Therefore some members of the Kirameki had practiced this move day and night to get them up to the optimum speed at dancing Caramelldansen.

Caramelldansen and NoeJeko[edit]

File:Th 654.gif
You got to do it fast, not only you need to shake your hip, your hand movement counts too!

Its not known why NoeJeko reacts to this dance, nither do we have any proof that NoeJeko would be summoned by this dance. But as far as what we know here, its a perfectly harmless dance and you might as well enjoy dancing it along with little chibi anime characters or a group of friends before being devoured by a Grue and Domo-Kun

Although we suspect that Caramelldansen might be a command input'd into NoeJeko's brains by Dark Lord Bob to call NoeJeko to do her bidding.

Dancing Caramelldansen is one of Kirameki's favorite pastime because not only it gives them fun, it saves their asses when another member gets pissed and decides to use an impossible to dodge combination attack of Domo-Kuns and Grues against each other.


Kirameki, at any given point in time, is composed of no more than sixty four primary members, some of whom are actually disguised members under another name. This deception allows them to do their secretive work without interference as well as inflate the organization's numbers.

Members of Kirameki usually like to work in teams of six with 3x Boosters Bracer EXs. Teams are built to complement each other's abilities and talents to create a formidable party. The best being that of six males or six females for an all-night orgy and fun.

Parties whose members have died or quit also operate by themselves until replacements can be found. At the very least, members maintain a functioning working relationship with their party members, with some form of loyalty to each another being present in most cases. In other instances a member may be kicked to make place for Kowiz who is not an official member of the organization but is actually a secret spy of Kirameki. In general, Kirameki members are unconcerned with the fate of their other comrades, their only point of interest concerning someone's death being who was gets to call first dibs on that member's belongings.

Kirameki is a widespread organization, with its members constantly traveling between worlds and its agents operating out of various servers throughout the Truckstar Online world, mainly an Island called Caballa. Because the various members are often so far apart, making a meeting in person impractical, they can communicate through a form of telepathy also known as guild chat.

Sometimes, stupidity occur in Kirameki, where newer members attempt to do crazy stuns like the one shown above. Older and more experienced members of the Kirameki organization would lend a helping hand to get them out of trouble, as being shown above.

Known Members[edit]

  • NoeJeko (No-Jo-kes) - The (EX)Leader of Kirameki, this Tom's with a vicious sense of justice plays a huge part in Kiramekis History. Ruling with a steel fist, he was soon overthrown by Jeony and disapeared into the void, never to be seen again...
  • Jeony (Jee-oh-ney) - The current Leader of Kirameki, this Raccoon stole NoeJeko's position by nasty means. Power hungry and thirsty, this Raccoon searches for greener pastures to rule throughout the Truckstar Online universe...
  • Winfy (Win-feey) - Fat Sheep~
  • Mongo (Mong-go) - The very super uber duber imba SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSJJJ or whatever you want to add here Sayian himself. Hes said to be the one who trained Goku to be the ultimate being in the universe. By hardcore training and grinding that could make Goku cry under pressure, Mongo is one of the most powerful being in Truckstar Online.
  • Yumeh (You-meh) - The sheepy in Kirameki that loves being blue, loves feeling blue and loves eating blue cookies (She makes blue ones that looks green). A really blue character to approach to in Kirameki...
Mongo the Raccoon in SS Mode! Although he rarely even try, he will not hesitate to enter SS mode when angry!
  • Bob (Bob-the-dark-lord) - This Vixen is said to be the mastermind behind Kirameki. Though named as Bob, shes not really a guy at all. Shes said to be an expert in all kinds of Dark Magic, being a Necromancer with the ability to control Minds and able to raise billions of undeads with just one flower, shes said to be the most powerful character in Kirameki...
  • Theosis (Th-ee-oh-sis) -
  • Piggy (Pee-ghy) -
  • Skwie (Ski-wee) - This perverted Raccoon steals bra, panties, briefs and boxers all alike from different members of the Kirameki Organization, what he does with them is still not known to any of his guild members...
  • Ting (Thing) -
  • Bloodveil (Blood-Veil) - This furry lioness is the self-proclaimed 'sexiest' in the entire Organization. Whether its true or not is not known. The debate over Who's Kirameki's Sexist still rages on furiously. Will this female lioness gets what she wants?
  • Sodacan (So-dah-can) - A can of soda, what else more do you expect?
  • Kowiz (Cow-wiz) - This dragon is said to be a incredibly intelligent person who's job is to collect information through illegitimate means, which in comparison with Alex Rider and Johnny English he would be more of a Johnny English than an Alex Rider... (Just incase you guys forget whos Johnny English, thats Mr.Bean in his Spy Movie)
    When together, the Kirameki Organization does not dance Caramelldansen. They do the Lucky Star's OP Dance which would gain them more valuable power and give them enough strength to take over your god damn closet and to burn your house down.


NoeJeko (AKA NeoJacko AKA NeoJeko AKA NeoJumbo AKA NoeJoke AKA NeoJoke AKA NoeJerko AKA NoJokes AKA JoeNeko AKA JekoNoe AKA NeoJerko AKA NoeNeko) is the (EX) Leader of Kirameki. It was later revealed that the true mastermind behind Kirameki is not NoeJeko, but the Dark Lord, Bob. NoeJeko is the owner of the legendary ClayClay one of the first godly level eleven weapons in the Truckstar Online world.

A close image of what NoeJeko might look like in real-life. The similarities are shockingly unmistakable from the original.

During the power struggle within the ranks of Kirameki, led by the power hungry Jeony. Noejeko lost ClayClay to Jeony and was banished to a void and presumed dead. However rumors of sightings of a warrior bearing his likeness and a level eleven Claymore has began to circulate. At the same time Jeony's ClayClay has disappeared. Has NoeJeko being revived by his master Bob?

NoeJeko has been featured consistenly in the Shonen Jump popularity polls, commonly placing in the top twenty characters. The last such poll was in 2006, in which NoeJeko was in 3th place. Merchandise based on NoeJeko has also been released, including action figures, plush dolls, t-shirts and key chains. The Dragon Ball anime series paid homage to NoeJeko via a nearly identical character design of Android 16 [1].

NoeJeko is currently taking over everyone's Signature and Avatar at With his Caramelldansen, he's bound to take over the entire forums and eventually the empire of evil; Google. He is currently learning and working on Hare Hare Yukai, hoping that his new dance will take over Nanosoft and FailTube.

ClayClay, One of the most Powerful Weapon in Truckstar Online[edit]

Image shown here is a picture of ClayClay, now SAID to be owned by NoeJeko. Though much evidence points in another way or so...

ClayClay, which is one of the first ever Level Eleven swords to emerge in Trickster Online. It was said to first belong to some unknown Ninja from Naruto then Ichigo from bleach stole the damn thing, played with it in bankai mode and stuffs. Then the character called Earth from Konjiki no Gash Bell borrowed it from Ichigo, which explains why the sword has the ability to absorb power and strength from his opponents. This sword then is given to Yoh from Shaman King for his shamanic focus, but he eventually threw the sword away because he became Shaman King and all he did is to slack and screw the world over like someone we know of in USA. The sword is then passed on to Kanda from D. Greyman, which he uses it as his innocence to defeat many different Level 3 and above Akumas. Then Mojojojo, being such a badass in PPG, stole Kanda's sword without asking first, which he used and finally managed to kill those slutty trio PPG, took over Townsville approx during the 92th episode of PPG with help from Domo-Kun. He then dumped the sword which is next found and used by many different MMORPGs, borrowed in between top leveled users and overpowered characters. The sword also appeared in Mabinogi as a waaaaayyy overpowered Broadsword that belonged to Ruairi. The sword itself is reborn'd into Trickster Online through much perseverance by NoeJeko, who refined it to Level Eleven through impossible odds, who lost it to the powerthirsty Jeony. Some says that NoeJeko had been revived by Bob and took ClayClay from Jeony himself, though theres no evidence or actual witness to this claim.

Through the passage of time after 700 years the sword accumulated the power from thousands of players and anime characters, all of them powerful and mighty, and became the one of its best, which is now what we call a ClayClay.

Joeny may have acquired assitance from this person named Kumatora, although all details are missing from this report...


Jeony (AKA bunbun) is the current leader of Kirameki. The embodiment of the evil warlord steotype, his ambition knows no bounds. Though he had gotten to #1 in Kirameki through unorthodox means, hes still a formidable enemy to face off in the arena. Hes said to have defeated the main characters of several different popular fighting Animes with just a pack of playing card (That means they're fighting, not playing Poker or Blackjack.). Its not known how did he take on Allen Walker, Yoh Asukra, Gash Bell in Rauzarukun, Goku in USSJ, Ichigo, 13379001 Domo-kuns and a banana peel and win.

The reasons why anime fans hate Jeony is unknown...

Truckstar Online - The world where Kirameki originated from:[edit]

Remember kids! Sheeps are excptionally cute... AND fat. So be nice and stop teasing or feeding them chocolate and start giving them diet drinks instead!

Truckstar Online is a lame loli-furry styled MMORPG created by FAiltreev™ as a lame attempt to make lots and lots of money by placing lame overpowered equipments on sale at their MyShop for little kiddies and brainless morons to buy and get their e-pen0rz huge and try to pwn noobs at PvP, little did they know that their lives are being wasted on this brainless no life game made by FAiltreev™.

The Truckstar Online community is made of Brainless Morons, Stupid Retards, Mother Fuckers, PvP Whores, Pedophiles, Yuri/ Yaoi lovers, furries, power thirsty bastards and totally brainless grinders. You name it, they have it.

92.7843% of the Truckstar Online community is made of fail, leaving 7.2156% normal, sociable members and 0.0001% win.

In Truckstar Online, the Cat plays the Computer.

Popular members of the furries would include Raccoons, Lions, Bunnies and Dragons. Having as overpowered characters and totally stupidly underpowered ones, as we know Dragons are crossdressers and Cats are sluts and bunnies are total tomboys. Popular Truckstar characters would circulate around Dragons because dragons look like sluts in disguise and they are fucking hawt in that second job uniform, which makes those little kiddies sexicted and wants to play way more than what they're allowed to.

As Truckstar Online is created, so is Kirameki. Their domination of the world of Truckstar Online is prominent on the history of Truckstar, seeing faces showing up as the richest person in Truckstar, Highest level in Truckstar, Most powerful weaponry in Truckstar and the most sluttiest in Truckstar.

However no matter how much difference Truckstar has with Kirameki, their lives will always be intertwined with each other like how Catgirls would defend their male counterparts, no matter how sexist it gets to Boku and Watashi.

FAiltreev™ - The creators of Truckstar Online, which is the world where Kirameki originated from:[edit]

FAiltreev™'s Logo; the Fail Logo, named after the company itself. Its unknown why they named themselves FAiltreev™ in the first place... Perhaps its because they fail so much, that they knew its impossible to reverse their failure... Notice the big colorful 'F' as in representing 'Fail'.

A company completely made of fail, with only 7 x 2 (Thats 14, stupid) holy guardians to watch over billions and billions of people, theres never such thing called control, really... FAiltreev™ tries their best to make stuffs go right, but as their name suggest, they always fail big time. This includes one of their latest event; Popin' Puri's Stupid Boxes where billions of different members abuse that poor event and FAiltreev™ loses it BIG, therefore fulfilling their name as FAILtreev™. Whenever you need to ask a question about Truckstar Online using the 1:1 on Truckstar Online's Homepage, you will have to wait from 2 months to a year just to be able to have an COMPUTED answer for your question.

FAiltreev™ Administrative Center can be found again on Google, which again is the base of an evil empire and any self-respecting Kirameki members would go to and search for their path of success for themselves. Otherwise, you can look for FAiltreev™ on the dark side of the moon, which is said to be their headquarters in training Jedi Knights and Anime Characters like Allen Walker, Kira Yamato, Kenzo Temma, Goku Kakkarot, Megumi from Burst Angels, Takamine Kiyomaro, Thanathoes and many other different Anime baddies that totally fail anyway.

FAiltreev™ was founded in 1439 as one of the best failure company in the entire universe. Failing at epic proportions, people who invested in FAiltreev™ eventually realized their mistakes when its almost too late, sold all their stocks and went on with something better like those evil bastards thats gonna take over our lives at 2017. Eventually FAiltreev™ declared bankruptcy and sold their company (Not much of it is left anyway...), and closed it down. After 571 years of non-failing, the administrative members of FAiltreev™ re-opened their office and went back to their dumb fail status by selling

FAiltreev™ Main Lunar Base Location. Which explains why the game lags when you're playing it over the internet.

overpowered useless equipment from MyShop. They had another game going on too called ChasingFail which is recently released and filled with fail by tonnes of idiots which worship anime anyway.

FAiltreev™ then earned their keeps from Truckstar Online MyShop, which tonnes and tonnes of sick lil' kiddies spend pounds on their cards for those lame points instead of donating it to the needy. FAiltreev™ then brought a small piece of the moon, built a moonbase there and sold their American company and moved on into Anime Production, which is now controlling the minds of Teenagers and children alike, making them think they posses supernatural powers that let them fire Kamehamehas from their palms, read spells off books, bury themselves in sand without dying and being able to drop from 3 stories high without getting hurt and getting up the second after.

Currently FAiltreev™ is slowly controlling the minds of little children, making them do robberies to buy those cards for them to further develop their way into deep space. The increasing amounts of wealth FAiltreev™ has gathered is currently reaching it's four thousandth zeros, which then they will shoot off into deep space and gather, or should I say, strip wealth off another planet before starting Star Warz and Universal Domination. The only way in preventing FAiltreev­™ from controlling our universe is to stop buying MyShop Points, which is impossible because its like eating drugs and it would cause a withdrawal if you don't buy it.