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KMA is Internet talk for Kazaa Media Association. Generally, it means something to do with media, as it is legend that you can get anything on the network with ease. So when someone says, "KMA" as a stand-alone message, he or she really means, "I want to listen to some high quality music" usually. However, when they say, "You can KMA", they really mean, "You can get great things on Kazaa."

In the same context with KMA, when someone asks, "Do you have your head shoved up your ass?" It can be misconstrued as a bad remark. Be patient and don't jump to conclusions because "ass" is actually an acronym for "Audio Stereo System". Most of the time, users may feel lazy to actually put the letters in upper case. So the appropriate answer would be, "Yes", or if you were really into media, an even better response would be, "Do I ever? I'm down to my shoulders in ass!"

Sometimes, the other user will say, "stupid" to you in a frame of a sentence. Don't worry, it's just another special acronym for this context because it stands for "Someone That Understands Pretty Incredible Discoveries" which, when you think about it, is quite a nice compliment. So an appropriate response would be, "Yes, I am incredibly stupid, thanks!"

Some more experienced users will tell you that Kazaa has "spyware" or "ad-ware". Don't panic, because these are more acronyms. Spy-ware means "Sharing Plenty Yes We ARE". Ad-ware means, "Awesome Discoveries Waiting Around Readily Experienceable" Both mean roughly the same thing. In general, they are just saying, "I have a lot of great things that you would like to download, come and get it!" When an experienced user says, 'No, I mean malware!' that's just, yet, one more acronym for "Mega Awesome Like Ways Awesomeness Really Experienced" Which basically means, "They are very popular files, so you may even need to wait a while to get them.

In general, every user on the internet knows how great and perfect Kazaa is to them, so it doesn't come to a surprise that it's almost developed its own language.