Knights of the Banana Republic

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in 4000 BCE, there existed in the Far East, a bunch of people whom their favourite dish was lots of fried bananas. However after the Seljuk invansion (commonly known as the Selling of the Jokes invansion), the story started to change. At first these Knights managed to repel these invansion, however invasion after invansion they had to succumb to the new order.

The Grand Master of the Order decided to make a meeting with the current Sultan of the Selling Jokes Empire. After the Treaty of the Grapefruits, it was concluded that the Selling Jokes people would live harmounsly with the Knights. After many years the population was totally mixed and the people became somewhat profound of Jokes regarding Bananas. The consequences were that the people became rather stupid.

To this effect they started migrating to the west until finally reaching the Big Island of Malta. There they founded the city of Vallelata Galbani in the name of the current Grand Master - Lalala Vallette.

The Knights of the Banana Republic are considered to be the first settlers of Malta.

There are also Jedi Knights of the Banana Republic, they dress fancier and have The Force.