Korkeasaari Zoo

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Korkeasaari Zoo

Possible last location of the Tasmanian Tigger, or possible source of John Howard's eyebrows.

Uncertainy reigns at this zoo, as it might exist, or not.

The late Doug Less Arams was seen in chinese costume here at the time of moving to the next, or was it parallel universe, and was unsure in which one to stay in, therefore proving for once and all the infinite improbability drive was a very useful item, even more so than the eekpod which has 'dont pee here' on its cover in nice purple script on a purple background with violet highlights, also has instructions on how to get the Korkeasaari Zoo in braile (Korkeasääri), and in the languages found in Uzbeckie Stanns.

Rumoured to be the place of exile of John Nenin and Vladimir Lennon in times of trouble, the last cage on the right.

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